Works on all natural clothing to remove pills, lint and pet hair without damaging delicate fabrics or sweater weaves.

Save our sweaters® brush



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Save our sweaters® brush



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Why use the SAVE OUR SWEATERS® Lilly Brush?

Specially designed nylon bristles are gentle on sweater weaves but tough on pills.
Lilly Brush will not shave a hole in your sweater. See more >

What can it save?

Lilly Brush works on 100 percent natural fibers including cotton, wool, cashmere, See more >

How do I de-pill my sweater using Lilly Brush?

Simple! Hold the affected garment on a firm surface. Applying moderate pressure, sweep See more >

How do I use Lilly Brush as a lint remover?

Lilly Brush works well as an on-the-go lint and pet hair remover Using moderate pressure, See more >

How do I clean Lilly Brush?

Wash Lilly Brush with water and light soap, then tap briskly to disengage any See more >

What causes sweaters to pill?

Sweater pills form when the ends of knitted fibers work loose from the weave of the garment. Friction across these See more >

Lilly Brush only guarantees results on natural fibers. Why not artificial fibers as well?

Unsightly pilling on acrylic, nylon, and polyester garments See more >

Is it true that dry-cleaning will prevent sweaters from pilling?

No, sweaters will pill with wear no matter how you clean them. Many dry-cleaners actually include de-pilling in theirSee more >

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What can your new
BFF do?

Picks up household lint and pet hair with just
a few quick sweeps.