DATE 10 / 24 / 2019

Adopting Military Dogs

Have you ever wondered what happens when it’s time for a working dog to retire? The United States Military employs hundreds of dogs every year. These dogs, some of the smartest K-9s in the entire world, are intensely trained in a multitude of disciplines, but just like any of us, these amazing soldiers eventually grow … Continue reading Adopting Military Dogs

DATE 10 / 17 / 2019

Canine Comfort

Yesterday, in the wee hours of the night, a frantic community came together to search for a six-year-old Minnesota boy who had stepped off his school bus at four in the afternoon and simply disappeared. As night fell, and temperatures dipped into the 40s, more and more people came to search. With over 600 volunteers, … Continue reading Canine Comfort

DATE 10 / 3 / 2019

Shedding Season Is Back

Fall is here, and the trees aren’t the only ones shedding their outer layer. Twice every year, you may notice your couches and cars starting to look like a snow globe. While most dogs are shedding all year round, spring and fall bring a special change of the seasons that have our dogs leaving what … Continue reading Shedding Season Is Back