Attack of the sweater shaver! - Lilly Brush
Lilly Brush

Attack of the sweater shaver!

Quick Tip

When you’re rescuing a sweater, be careful to not damage it further with the wrong tool. Shavers can shave a hole right through your favorite sweater.

Beware of sweater shavers: Apparently they eat batteries AND sweaters! I bought an expensive 4 star sweater shaver on Amazon thinking it would eventually save me money, but after just a few swipes across the fabric, it grabbed a pill and tore a hole right through the front of my favorite cashmere sweater!

I absolutely love Lilly Brush. It works so quickly and smoothly! My sweater actually looks new after just a few minutes with this little gizmo. I wish I’d had one before I picked up the sweater shaver.

—R Knight