Elsie Hamilton, Author at Lilly Brush
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Keeping Your Dog (And Yourself) Sane During Quarantine

All across the world people are being asked to quarantine themselves for the safety of our entire population. Staying home all day, every day can be a much tougher challenge than it sounds like. Especially when we’re entertaining our pets along the way. Most dogs are probably loving life right now, as their owners are

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How to Clean Your Dog’s Ears (and Your Pug’s Face!)

Grooming your pet is an important part of being their owner. By keeping your pet clean, you are doing your part to keep them healthy too. Infections can start with dirty coats, un-manicured paws, or even from buildup inside their ears! The attention to grooming required for pets varies depending on the type of breed,

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Emotional Support Dogs

All dogs, whether they’re registered or not, serve some sort of emotional support role in our lives. Something about coming home from a long day at work to your pup ecstatically wagging its tail, eager as ever to see you, really eases the mind. Having such unconditional love in your life is as uplifting as

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