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Why is a Dog’s Bedding So Important?

Written By: Avery Bullock Dogs, just like the rest of us, require sleeping. Lack of enough sleep and quality of sleep may lead to restlessness and even subject your pet to other health complications. Interestingly, dogs produce sleep hormones called melatonin, just like human beings. They also dream. Their sleeping routine is, however, different from

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Chewing Gum Can Be More Deadly For Dogs Than We Think

People chew gum for all types of reasons, fresher breath, a little treat, some people even chew gum to help them quit smoking. While we DO recommend using whatever helps you quit, we DON’T recommend chewing sugar-free gum if you’re a pet owner. Sugar-free gum contains Xylitol, a chemical that is extremely toxic to dogs.

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What To Do With Your Pet During A Natural Disaster

Every year natural disasters wreak havoc across the globe. As people scramble to evacuate their homes, some pets get lost along the way. Depending on the urgency of the evacuation, owners are often told to leave their pets behind to create more space for people to speed up the evacuation process. If you live in

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