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Auto Detailer Spotlight: A Buff and Beyond Detailing

Meet the winner of July’s Most Satisfying Video Contest!

Javier Aranda, the winner of July 2021’s Most Satisfying Video contest, is the owner and operator of “A Buff and Beyond Detailing” out of Dallas, Texas. Lilly Brush Co. was able to snag an interview with the ambitious auto detailer, and share his story and some of his insights into the world of detailing!

Beginning his career in office jobs, Javier worked for 6 years before starting his own detailing business. He began detailing as a weekend gig, working with his brother-in-law and building up clientele. In his own words: “The rest is history. I wouldn’t have it any other way.” 

Javier and his team care deeply for their customers, which is why they provide the highest quality service. As a special treat for the customers, the team leaves behind a card after every service. This card shows their package, the included services, and a “courtesy box.” The courtesy box indicates any “courtesy cleans” the company has done on the vehicle– which could include anything from “car seat being cleaned” to “rearview camera being cleaned” to “buffing some scratches.” 

Auto detailing is no easy job– and as any sophisticated handiwork, it comes with its challenges. For Javier, it’s “dealing with the heat!” After working 6 years of office jobs, detailing was a drastic change in work climate. He and his team now spend their time outside in the hot Texas sun while detailing vehicles. Javier notes there’s a huge difference between “sitting in an office with a sweater on while it’s 100 degrees outside” and “actually being outside in that 100 degrees!” Javier and his team stick to wearing dry fit clothing to keep the heat at bay. 

When asked about the funniest thing he’s ever found in a car, Javier chuckles. He tells the story of how there was one car that came in where the customer said there was a strong odor, but it wasn’t until after the full interior deep clean that the team found a dead rat in the car! 

Javier’s advice to any detailer starting out is to “be consistent.” He adds: “There’s no limit to what you can do if you put your mind to it.” He remembers his time at a desk job, and the risk he took in quitting his stable job to go full-time detailing. “I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world,” he concludes. 

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