Dog Breed Profile: All About Huskies

Dog Breed Profile: All About Huskies

Over the past ten years, huskies have grown significantly in popularity, jumping from the 25th most sought after breed to the 12th. These strong, athletic dogs are a favorite breed for active pet o...

Over the past ten years, huskies have grown significantly in popularity, jumping from the 25th most sought after breed to the 12th. These strong, athletic dogs are a favorite breed for active pet owners. Huskies make great companions for pet owners who have the adequate time and energy to devote to these beloved dogs. 

Siberian Huskies originated in Siberia in Northeast Asia, and were largely brought to the United States by Alaskans during the 20th century. Primarily used as sled dogs, the breed expanded to the rest of the United States and became well-loved by many Americans across the nation. There are many subsets of the breed, including the Labrador Husky and the Alaskan Klee Kai. It’s easy to confuse the Alaskan Malamute or the Samoyed with the Husky breed, but they’re actually different! Although they share many similarities, the breeds are separate. 

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For a more personal look at the husky breed, we asked our top Instagram husky accounts their perspective on their experience with these loyal dogs. Huskies are a special breed, and require lots of time and energy from their owners. They’re well worth the effort, however, as these dogs are extremely lovable and loyal! The questions below feature responses from well-seasoned veteran husky owners from all over the world– from the US, to Ireland, to England! 

Do huskies have a sense of humor, or are they mischievous? 

thehuskymoon: Definitely both! Moon (the husky) is so funny and also gets into any and everything food related.

huskymayauk: I think they are mischievous without meaning to be hilarious! They know full well when they’re being naughty but they won’t except no for an answer, they are the best at ignoring you and arguing back! It’s very hard to be angry at their naughtiness as their facial expressions and attitude are hilarious! They are full of personality and very clever! They only hear what they want to hear!

the_husky_whisperer: Yes and yes ???? they have a great sense of humor with a touch of mischievousness!

tuckerleo_da_huskies: I think both! They are intelligent and also independent, which can make them get into trouble! But they also love to play and be silly. 

What should someone know before adopting a husky? 

thehuskymoon: They require a lot of exercise this is not a breed that you can just let run in the yard you have to walk / run / hike and trips to dog parks to get them tired

huskymayauk: Exercise is everything! Huskies need a lot of exercise and they have so much energy to burn! If they don’t get the right amount of exercise they will be unmanageable in the house! They are a working breed they are not just pretty eyes and fluff balls! You need to spend time with this breed you if you don’t have a lot of time the breed is not for you. Huskies end up in rescue for this very reason.

the_husky_whisperer: They are a high energy working dog… Prepare for this!

tuckerleo_da_huskies: I think it is important to understand the level of care a husky requires from their coat maintenance to daily exercise needs! A tired husky is a happy (and well-behaved) husky! Also, sign up for a training class from the start!

What can husky owners do to be the best dog parent possible?

thehuskymoon: Keep your house clean organized and free of anything your husky will want to get into.  Always make sure they have proper exercise. Feed them a proper diet, many huskies prefer a raw food diet 

huskymayauk: Spend time with your dog! Along with a lot exercise they need a lot of mental stimulation. They need a lot of attention the greatest thing you can do to be the best parent is give them your time! Also never let your husky off lead if not in an enclosed area! They have a prey drive you may think they have good recall but as soon as a squirrel runs by your husky will not listen and you will have no control, they can run for miles without turning back and by the time they realise you will be no where to be found. Also huskies take a lot of grooming you need to make time to regularly brush their fur!! They have A LOT of it!!

the_husky_whisperer: Be fully invested in your baby and give it everything it needs, and you will get it back ten fold!

tuckerleo_da_huskies: I think giving a husky the best life possible is making sure they get all the exercise they need and to play with them! They aren’t always the best at entertaining themselves, so they love to have a human or doggy companion to play with!

What makes huskies unique from other dogs? 

thehuskymoon: They talk ???????????? but on a serious note, they are runners, so it’s not uncommon for a husky to run out of your home and return hours later. 

huskymayauk: Their attitude definitely! It’s so cheeky and sassy. If I say no to my husky she argues with me! It’s hilarious! Also their work ethic I know many dogs have work ethic but a husky will pull and pull and LOVES doing it! In my opinion this should be encouraged and not seem as a bad thing if you don’t want a dog that pulls don’t get a husky! It’s almost impossible to train a husky not to pull and they will be unhappy! Make it part of your lifestyle! We have a dog scooter and a bike and even roller blading with her! But this takes a lot of training so that they do it safely my husky has been learning commands for mushing since she was 12 weeks old! It’s the only time she listens to me when she’s running and pulling! That’s her motivation! Huskies are not generally big on fetch or toys although they’ll howl along to a squeaky toy! 

the_husky_whisperer: They are just the best of all breeds in my opinion.. Extremely intelligent, extremely beautiful, extremely hard working, and extremely diverse and adaptable.. Matched with a sweet nature makes them in my opinion the perfect dog!

tuckerleo_da_huskies: I think one of the most unique things about huskies is that they all have their own individual personalities! Although there are many “typical” husky traits, I have never met one that possesses them all. They also have a unique play style with other dogs, especially other huskies. 

Is there anything else you think people should know about huskies?

thehuskymoon: I think that’s it! Just know every husky is different. We get many messages about wanting a husky just like Moon, however not every dog is the same. We got so lucky that Moon is amazing with our sons (1&5) and also has a huge personality. 

huskymayauk: Fur!!! If the shedding is not for you then consider a different breed! They shed twice a year and sometimes it lasts for months, one year,  it went on for so long her shed ended and then the next one started. Accept the husky glitter as part of your diet, fashion and home furnishings and you’ll be fine! Owning a husky is a lifestyle choice i would go as far as saying you should organise your life around your husky and not vice versa!

the_husky_whisperer: Bottom line is for the most part they are a working dog bred to pull.. Very high energy. And they blow their coats like tumbleweeds ???? so be prepared for lots of fluff and lot’s of work if you get one ????

tuckerleo_da_huskies: They’re like potato chips, you can’t just have one! 😉

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