Dog Breed Profile: Golden Retrievers

Dog Breed Profile: Golden Retrievers

All About Goldens Golden retrievers are one of the most loyal, loving, and energetic dog breeds! They are so loved, in fact, that golden retrievers have remained the number one most popular dog in ...

All About Goldens

Golden retrievers are one of the most loyal, loving, and energetic dog breeds! They are so loved, in fact, that golden retrievers have remained the number one most popular dog in the U.S. since 1991 (next to the Labrador Retriever, their close cousin). 

Known for their friendliness and intelligence, golden retrievers make great family dogs, and are highly skilled and capable of various tasks. Goldens are also often seen in law enforcement due to their keen abilities in athletics, agility, and obedience. 

There are three different colors attributed to goldens: golden, light golden, and dark golden. Similarly, there are three different types of goldens: English, Canadian, and American. If you’re not sure what type of golden you have, check their build and coloring. 

While golden retrievers have many wonderful traits, their best qualities are their loyalty and companionship. For a closer look at the life of a golden retriever owner, we asked our Instagram community their thoughts! 

From the Lilly Brush Community

Are goldens well-behaved, or mischievous? 

molsonandmaple: Our goldens are well-behaved but they definitely have a mischievous side! (It makes things more exciting haha)

copley_thegoldengirl: Goldens are smart! So I think they can be easily trained to be well-behaved. But, if not trained can be mischievous. It’s all about what you allow in my opinion! 

good.boys.nash.mac: Goldens in my experience have all been well behaved, once in a while you find a ripped toy or a shoe but that’s any dog ???? 

mikeyandruthie: All dogs are unique, but in my experience golden retrievers are very trainable but they have a playful, mischievous side. They’re the perfect combination of well-behaved but not too well-behaved. 

What should someone know before adopting a golden retriever?

molsonandmaple: Goldens tend to hide their physical pain to make sure they don’t worry their owners. Invest in health insurance for them and get them checked routinely. Also invest in a good vacuum 🙂 

copley_thegoldengirl: They have a lot of energy! Goldens definitely thrive on attention from people and are very active dogs. A common misconception is that Goldens are super calm and relaxed..they can be but they also are very playful and like to be active.

good.boys.nash.mac: Before adopting a golden retriever it’s important to know how much they shed and how big they can get. 

mikeyandruthie: Golden retrievers, especially when they are young, can be incredibly high-energy and need a lot of exercise and attention. They’re loyal and loving and forgiving, and they’re also complete goofballs in the best way. Goldens sometimes counter surf so keep your food put away, and know that they are mouthy and tend to carry around whatever treasures they find (which may range from a stick to your shoe to a priceless family heirloom). Be prepared for mass shedding and resign yourself to finding dog hair EVERYWHERE

What can golden retriever owners do to be the best dog parent possible? 

molsonandmaple: Golden retrievers thrive on quality time whether that be going on an adventure or just sitting on the couch with them. Be present and they will thrive!

copley_thegoldengirl: Have patience and be committed to training, exercising, and taking care of your dog’s needs. Goldens are big shedders so you need to be committed to keeping up with that, as well as they are prone to allergies/sensitivities/health issues which can be a lot of work. 

good.boys.nash.mac: Golden retriever owners should just be ready to share all their love! Goldens love being loved and sharing love, they’ll follow you everywhere you go and lay right on top of you ! 

mikeyandruthie: Train them from a young age, be patient and gentle with them, and be prepared to make sure they get the exercise they need to spend their puppy energy. Many goldens love to eat so be sure to regulate their food. But above all, show them love each and every day and they’ll return it 100 times over. 

What makes goldens unique from other dogs? 

molsonandmaple: We think all dog breeds are incredible and perfect in every way but for us personally, Golden Retrievers are unique with how hard they love. They love wholeheartedly and truly always put themselves before you. It’s incredible.

copley_thegoldengirl: Goldens are an extremely loyal and loving breed. That’s my favorite part about them!

good.boys.nash.mac: I think golden retrievers are some of the smartest dogs. You really can teach them anything and they learn at such a young age! In my experience all of my goldens have been potty trained within 2 weeks or less, and never had problems learning new tricks. 

mikeyandruthie: Goldens are, to me, the best dogs because they are complete goobers and unashamed about it. They’re generally so good-natured and loving, and find joy in the simplest things. 

Is there anything else you think people should know about golden retrievers? 

molsonandmaple: Golden Retrievers love structure and attention. 5 minute training sessions every day helps train their mind and gives them the quality time with you that they adore!

copley_thegoldengirl: Something I didn’t know before we chose our breeder was that there are two different types of Goldens- Field and Show. Field have more energy than Show and are a more athletic build.

good.boys.nash.mac: If you’re thinking about getting a golden retriever just know they’re one of the most friendliest, loveable dogs. They’re great with kids, and They’re always ready to play with their energy and love adventures!

mikeyandruthie: If you’re looking for a dog who will be the best, most loyal and loving companion and simply ask that you give them the same in return, you can’t go wrong with a golden. They are truly angels among us.

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