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Dog Breed Profile: Corgis

 All About Corgis 

Corgis are one of the most loyal and lovable dog breeds, outmeasuring their height in love, personality, and friendship!

There are two types of corgis– the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. Although the Pembroke Corgi originated in Pembrokeshire, Wales, they both descend from the northern spitz dog line. The broader history of the corgi breed is untraceable and convoluted, however, as most of the breed’s history is hidden by folklore and fantastical tales

Corgis are small dogs, measuring about 10-12 inches in height, and generally weighing between 27-30 pounds. Although corgis are short, they have big personalities! 

Corgis are extremely high-energy, friendly, playful, and intelligent. They make wonderful family pets, and are great with kids. One of the most important things to know about Corgis, however, is that they shed– a LOT! 

From the Lilly Brush Community 

To get a closer look at corgis in modern homes, we asked our Instagram followers for their insights into the breed! 

Are corgis well-behaved, or mischievous? 

cooperthecorgi__: Corgis are well behaved if they are trained well. Like any dog, they can have a little mischievous side to them when seeking attention from their owner. They can be very stubborn at times.

cantucorgis: Corgis are spirited, smart, athletic,  and dependable! Corgis are highly driven herding breed that requires mental and physical stimulation. They are definitely a family dog! 

thatcorgiwithatail: A bit of both! Pembroke Welsh Corgis and Cardigan Welsh Corgis are smart and trainable, but they can be stubborn and independent. Having big ears doesn’t mean they will always listen… We find Bailey has selective hearing, but her mischievous side keeps things interesting for us.

corgilouie: That depends on their upraising. Corgis are very eager to learn, both positive and negative habits. If you teach them positive habits, then they will be well-behaved dogs! 

What should someone know before adopting a corgi?

cooperthecorgi__: They shed A LOT. If you want a clean space 24-7, a corgi wouldn’t be for you. They also bark a lot and have high energy. They love seeking attention and being near their owners most of the time.

cantucorgis: Corgis are major shedders! They are double coated ( so never shave them) and shed all year long. Twice a year they usually blow out their coat (so corgi glitter everywhere)! Corgis are also vocal and tend to bark alot. It’s very important to keep them busy or they will chew chew chew.

thatcorgiwithatail: Corgis shed…A LOT. Every. Single. Day. Be prepared with a good vacuum and a few brushes for your dog and your upholstery. 😉 They have a lot of energy and need a moderate amount of exercise daily. They can also be very vocal. Bailey is not a big barker, but when she does bark, her ‘big dog’ barks will surprise you!

corgilouie: It’s important to know that a corgi is a herding breed for cattle. They are supposed to work all day, not lay on the couch like a lot of the photos you see on social media. They need a lot of mental and physical stimuli to be good family dogs – it’s like a small sized German Shepherd. (Actually a lot of people that want a German Shepherd, but in a smaller dog, find that in a Pembroke Welsh Corgi).

What can corgi owners do to be the best dog parent possible? 

cooperthecorgi__: Give their corgi plenty of attention. Walk them regularly and play with them to release their pent up energy. Keep them on a balanced, healthy diet because they are prone to joint issues with their short stature. You see a lot of “cute” overweight corgis on social media, but it’s not healthy for them. They can also overheat in hot weather because of their double coat so it’s good to keep them cool so they don’t get overheated. 

cantucorgis: Corgis are loving, smart, and caring. They love the attention.  They’re also very food motivated so always keep snacks handy! To have the best behaved corgi start training and grooming early. Make sure they get enough exercise daily! Also to crate train early to avoid chewing up things and easier to potty train!! 

thatcorgiwithatail: Help them maintain a healthy weight. Corgis love food! Avoid overfeeding them. Provide a good amount of exercise every day. Take the time to train and socialize. Be patient. Show them love every single day and you will see how affectionate and loving they can be. 

corgilouie: To be the best dog parents it is smart to sign up for puppy obedient classes to get help from the beginning. They need more than a walk around the block to be happy, so make sure you want to hike, train a dog sport of some kind and make them work.

What makes corgis unique from other dogs? 

cooperthecorgi__: They are very smart, intelligent dogs. They are very affectionate, but on their own terms. 

cantucorgis: Corgis have a Big Dog attitude with Short Legs! They’re are 2 types of corgis, Pembroke and Cardigan. They also come in many colors! They are known for having Floofy Butts! 

thatcorgiwithatail: Their short stumps! Even though corgis have short little legs, you would be surprised to see how quick and agile they can be. They are known for being “big dogs on short legs”. »

corgilouie: I think it’s safe to say it’s their short legs. A lot of people think corgis need special things because «they’re corgis», but in fact they are just like any other dog.

Is there anything else you think people should know about corgis?

cooperthecorgi__:  They aren’t just “the dog” they make themselves part of your family ❤️

cantucorgis: Please do your research before buying or adopting from someone. They’re many scams going around!

corgilouie: My most important message to corgi owners and soon to be corgi owners is «do not let your dog get fat». Corgis often need less food than the package recommend. Look and feel your dog when feeding and not blindly follow food package recommendations. You should easily feel the ribs, the spine and their hips. It is better that they are slightly underweight than overweight with their strange body shape.