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Dog Breed Profile: German Shepherds

All About German Shepherds

Contrary to their stereotypes, German Shepherds are incredibly loving, loyal, and caring. Because the dogs are so agile, strong, and muscular, many people assign them the stereotype of being aggressive and dangerous. However, many people who know German Shepherds well will tell you that their defining characteristics are actually their loyalty, courage, and confidence (AKC). They are protective, yet gentle. Strong, yet soft. German Shepherds are a complex and lovable breed, and while they aren’t for everyone, they are one of the most loyal and steadfast dog breeds. 

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From the Lilly Brush Community 

To get the inside scoop on what it’s like being a German Shepherd owner, we asked our followers a few questions about life with these loyal, loving dogs! 

Are German Shepherds well-behaved, or mischievous? 

cliff_thebigbrowndog: I believe any animal can be very well behaved, as long as you put the time into training them!  I’ve personally only had a really good association with very well behaved German Shepherds.

kaida.thegsd: In my experience German Shepherds are very well behaved! I know many are different but I’ve owned a few breeds and German Shepherds have amazing temperament but they definitely aren’t for everyone.

bestboybenson: German Shepherds can be well-behaved and mischievous! Many German Shepherds are very well-behaved and almost all of them have some sort of mischievous side too, whether that is begging for food at the dinner table, refusing to take a bath, or stealing your socks.

What should someone know before adopting a German Shepherd?

cliff_thebigbrowndog: Just be prepared for a lot of work. They definitely aren’t the easiest dogs and they have a lot of energy. They need to be taken out and have a job or they can get into things ???? 

kaida.thegsd: German Shepherds are very smart so I do recommend researching the breed and making sure they’re suitable for you ! They’re very high energy dogs .

bestboybenson: Training is so important! It is especially important to socialize your German Shepherd from a young age to avoid any behavioral type problems. German Shepherds also shed a ton, so be prepared for that. They are worth every penny though!

What can German Shepherd owners do to be the best dog parent possible? 

cliff_thebigbrowndog: TRAIN TRAIN TRAIN. Continuously working on training no matter how old they are. And setting boundaries. 

kaida.thegsd: Future German shepherd owners , Training is an absolute must for these dogs ! I highly recommend training right when you get you’re new gsd puppy . 

bestboybenson: Be patient with your German Shepherd. They are extremely smart dogs and will find ways to test your patience at times. Provide them with love and care and you will develop a bond that can never be broken.

What makes German Shepherds unique from other dogs? 

cliff_thebigbrowndog: German shepherds are very loyal dogs and always want to work for you. They’re always trying to find a way to provide and be the best they can for you. And I think it’s just something really unique about them. 

kaida.thegsd: I believe all dogs are unique in their own way but German Shepherds are amazing , they catch on extremely quick and would do anything for their owner(s) ! ❤️

bestboybenson: Their personality! German Shepherds are known for being goofy, energetic, loyal, and intelligent. You’ll never find another breed like a German Shepherd and that is why they are the third-most registered breed by the American Kennel Club in 2020.

Is there anything else you think people should know about German Shepherds?

cliff_thebigbrowndog: The only thing I would say is don’t listen to stereotypes. A lot of negative things TECO around about German shepherds and most/not all German Shepherd‘s are bad. They not easy dogs and not for everyone. But they’re so worth it!

kaida.thegsd: German Shepherds are amazing and truly a beautiful breed , once you own one of these amazing dogs you won’t regret it ! I advise anyone who wants one to please do research before getting one as they aren’t for everyone.

bestboybenson: I think people need to know that most German Shepherds are not aggressive and scary. There are so many sweet German Shepherds out there in the world who love all dogs and people more than anything.