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Keys to Properly Using Rideshare Apps With Your Pets!

Have you ever wondered if you can bring your dog in an Uber or Lyft? The answer is…sometimes. Rideshare drivers operate out of their own personal vehicles rather than a company fleet. Because of this, apps like Uber and Lyft are unable to impose a blanket policy regarding pets being allowed (or disallowed) to tag along for the ride.

Just because Uber and Lyft cannot implement an overarching pet policy for their drivers does not mean you can’t bring your pup or cat along for the ride. As drivers are contracted out by these companies, it is the driver’s decision whether they allow pets. For many of these drivers, their car is their livelihood. They may not want to risk the quality of their car’s interior, as their tips and driver ratings largely decide their monthly income. 

How do I respectfully ride in a ridesharing vehicle with my pet?

Drivers suggest to reach out to them when booking a ride to ensure that they are okay with you bringing your pet along for the ride. 

Bring a blanket!!! Nobody likes a car full of pet hair. (That’s why we invented the Mini Pet Hair Detailer!) If your pet sheds, you may get charged with a cleaning fee. If your pet decides to use the bathroom or gets sick, you will DEFINITELY be charged with a cleaning fee, and a hefty one at that.

Make sure you have ordered the correct vehicle. If you have a smaller pet, an UberX will be fine. However, if you have a larger pet, go the Uber XL route. 

Put yourself in the shoes of your driver. Some people may find it to be a nuisance having to drive around someone else’s pet. Be sure to tip your driver for their services. They are going above and beyond to accommodate you and your furry friend. 

Side note: Service Animals ARE allowed at all times

What other pet friendly rideshares are out there?

In 2017, Uber launched its’ newest branch of rides, UberPet. This ride option started its’ trial run in Singapore, but has since disbanded. Grab, which has taken over as the staple rideshare option in Singapore, has recently added GrabPet. GrabPet has drivers and cars that are specifically trained and equipped to care for your pet during your commute.

SpotOn is a ridesharing service that is specifically available for pets and pet owners. SpotOn is currently only operating in New York City, which is home to 25% of the rideshare market in the United States. They are hoping to grow in the next few years, and expand across the country into other rideshare-heavy cities. Don’t worry about bringing a blanket or a harness for your pet, each car has one! They will also pair you up with a car specific to your pet’s size. Keep an eye out, they might be coming to a city near you soon!


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