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Last-Minute Holiday Gifts for Pets and Pet Lovers

It’s almost here– Christmas is only a week away! It’s not too late to get those special gifts under the tree, though. We’ve put together a comprehensive last-minute gift guide for you, your pets, and your pet loving friends!

For the dogs and dog lovers 

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MalsiPree Dog Water Bottle

This portable water bottle/dispenser is perfect for you and your on-the-go pal! It comes in two different sizes, and is a convenient, ergonomic tool for dispensing water for your dog– this way, you don’t have to carry around a separate water bottle and bowl for your pup! 

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Thermo-Snuggly Sleeper Bolster Cat & Dog Bed

Every pup needs a nice cozy bed to rest in. This Thermo-Snuggly Sleeper bed works for both dogs and cats, and is thermostatically controlled, keeping your pet warm and snug. 

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BarkBox Subscription 

This is the perfect gift for those of you who love subscription packages! You can order it for your own home and pets, or you can purchase it as a gift for your friends or family. Your BarkBox is specialized to your pet’s specifications, so each box is special and unique, while perfectly suited for your pet! 

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Smart Pet Love Snuggle Puppy Behavioral Aid Dog Toy

Especially after these long, difficult pandemic times, your pet might be suffering a bit of separation anxiety once you start to leave the house more often. The Smart Snuggle Puppy toy is the perfect toy to help your pup overcome his or her separation anxiety, by providing warmth, comfort, and even a regular heartbeat-like pulse. It’s also great for helping puppies sleep through the night! 

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Frisco Silicone Collapsible Travel Bowl 

If the portable water bottle isn’t quite your speed, it’s time to check out this silicone collapsible travel bowl! A great alternative for making sure your dog is well-hydrated no matter where you are. It’s easily transportable, highly effective, and stylish! 

For the cats and cat lovers 

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UOOPET Cat Backpack Carrier Bubble 

This Cat Backpack is ideal for adventure-loving cats! You and your pal can travel all over, while traveling comfortably and stylishly. 

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Goody Box Holiday Cat Toys 

Similar to the BarkBox, this Cat-themed box of goodies is sure to make any cat happy. There’s no subscription required with this box of fun, so you don’t have to worry about it renewing if you’re not ready. It’s equipped with treats, cozy blankets, and fun toys! 

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Cat Tree and Condo

What cat doesn’t love a good cat tree? This is a simple, easy purchase that every cat is sure to love! Equipped with multiple levels, hidey-holes, and scratching posts, this jungle gym is your cat’s dream come true! 

Various Cat Toys

Assorted toys are always a great way to go if you’re not sure what to get your cat, or your cat-loving friend! Things like this Cat Wand or these toy Mice are perfect for any feline friend. 

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Cat Bed 

This pet bed works great for dogs or cats, but is a particularly cozy nook for cats to curl up in. It’s soft, fluffy, and perfect for an afternoon cat nap!

Happy Holidays from all of us here at Lilly Brush!

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