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Lilly Brush: An Alternative to Disposable Lint Rollers


Lilly Brush vs. the lint roller: an epic battle beginning in 2010, when Lilly Brush founder Elsie Hamilton adopted her Australian Shepherd, Lilly. When Elsie went to the pet store to find a pet hair remover, she found only sticky/lint rollers. She was not impressed, and has since invented eight different products that are more efficient at removing pet hair than lint rollers. 


Why Lilly Brush? 


Here at Lilly Brush, we are transparent about our products. We don’t give in to the idea that a product should have to be replaced and re-purchased every two years. We believe in products that last. 


Since the industrial revolution, corporations worldwide have operated with varying degrees of disregard for the environment and the consumer. Single-use plastics have dominated the world market for too long. Lilly Brush products were created to be safe and reliable alternatives to single-use plastics. 


With Lilly Brush, you never have to buy a refill, and each product is designed to last for years of daily use. If a product doesn’t work for an individual, they can send it back with ease, and the product then becomes available to be donated to a shelter. 


Lilly Brush strives for excellence. We hold two things at the center of our mission: we care about the planet, and we love our customers. 




Why are lint rollers bad for the environment? 


Lint roller handles are single-use plastics that fill up landfills day after day, month after month, year after year. They are easily disposable, and aren’t crafted to last for years. In a world where people are too quick to simply throw things away, the Lilly Brush remains steadfast. 


In a past blog post, “No Mess. No Waste. No Refills.,” we found that according to CBS News, consumers spend upwards of $100 MILLION on lint rollers every year. Since the pandemic, when many more pets were adopted, that figure has likely grown exponentially. 



Why Lilly Brush is the eco-friendly, sustainable alternative 


Lilly Brush products are the safe, reusable, and long-lasting alternative to lint rollers! Its durability makes it a resilient tool that lasts for years and years– helping both the environment, and your bank account! 


Let’s look at it this way: a single lint roller could cost you up to $6, and maybe last 3 months. On the other hand, our $12 Mini Pet Hair Detailer or Be Forever Furless Mini will keep you pet hair free for years. 


By supporting Lilly Brush, you are supporting the earth, and you’re supporting a new generation of long-lasting, ethically made goods created by ethically-minded people. 


And, while you’re at it, you’re getting rid of all that pesky pet hair!