Lilly Brush saves the day - Lilly Brush
Lilly Brush

Lilly Brush saves the day

We infiltrated Denver with our sweater salvaging brush and the result: pristine sweaters, smiles and positive feedback:

“The thrift store will just have to wait — Lilly Brush made my tired old sweater look new! It’s so nice to be able to bring an old sweater back to life, and this is going to save me lots of money too!”
—M. Gamelin

“The Lilly Brush breathed new life into my well-loved cashmere sweaters! They look like new, and they are back in rotation instead of languishing at the bottom of the drawer. Thank you!”
—J. Zafiropoulos

“This brush is awesome! I really didn’t have a good way to clean them up like new so this is going to be super helpful. After I fix all my sweaters up I’ll have to store it in my car because I’m always on the go.”
—L. Stevenson