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Lilly’s Top Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Pet

Dear Dog Moms and Cat Dads,

It’s me, Lilly, back with another gift guide for you all to make your holiday shopping a breeze! Never sure what to get your pet? No worries! Just follow my guide below for an easy gift on any budget!

Furbo Dog Camera

Might be a bit pricey, but it’s worth it! The Furbo Dog Camera allows you to keep an eye on your pup all day from your phone! The two-way audio detection alerts you when they’re barking, and lets them hear you when you need their attention. You can use your voice to calm them down when they’re going ballistic at the mailman, and even give them a treat when they behave!

Dog Gear Travel Bag

Finally! A travel bag designed for our pets. Many of us already have an old backpack or duffel bag that is a homemade “dog bag”. Now, you can get a bag designed around your dog. With specially designed pockets for food, water, and bowls this Dog Gear Travel Bag is the perfect gift for anyone that loves to bring their dog everywhere they go. The “necessities” each have their own little pocket, and the remaining storage is big enough for whatever else your pup may need throughout the day!

Custom Picture Pet Blanket

I want my face on a blanket! It’s a great way to remind our owners that we are the backbone of the family. The couch is already covered with my hair, why not show off where it came from? Throw your pup’s face on a blanket to show appreciation for all the guarding of the house we do while you’re gone. And, as a bonus, all of your guests will be reminded that you like me more than them!

PetFusion Ambush Electronic Cat Toy

This interactive toy is guaranteed to keep your cat busy all day long! This machine simulates moving prey by quickly shooting out colorful feathers that kick in your cat’s natural instincts. They’ll waste the day away chasing their prey, leaving no mess to clean up!

Snazzy Sequin Santa Hat

In preparation for Santa Paws, we have to get into the spirit by repping his hat! It only seems right to celebrate the man who stuffs our stockings. Get your pet a Santa hat to wear around the house this year to make sure everyone knows we’re in the holiday spirit too!

Lilly Brush Product Line

Last but certainly not least, check out these products named after me! Obviously, quite a few of us shed. For those of us that shed, look into the Lilly Brush (Yes, named after me) Mini Pet Hair Detailer and Be Forever Furless brushes. The Mini Pet Hair Detailer works wonders on removing the short and wiry fur that gets woven into fabrics and materials. The Be Forever Furless Brush removes the long and fluffy fur that statically clings to furniture, clothing and carpeting. Whichever type of pet hair you deal with, my mom has the right tool for you! 


Lilly B Hamilton