Puppies and Pills! - Lilly Brush
Lilly Brush

Puppies and Pills!

Two of our favorite four legged friends, Ty and Eve from Puppy On A Roomba, got very special Christmas gifts this year. Here is what these adorable product tester dogs (with no tails!) had to say about their  “new puppy hair eating brush!”

Ty and Pembroke!
Ty and Pembroke

“Evie and I tested it by putting hairs all over Secretary Mommy’s sweater.  She wiped the brush on them and guess what? It ate all of our hairs and the fabric pills on the sweater too! Secretary Mommy was very impressed. She says that she also likes how it cleans easily, has a cap, and can fit in her purse. She likes it much better than the tape roller.”

One Excited Puppy!
One Excited Puppy!

“The brush made us so happy that we have been putting more hairs all over Mommy’s clothes so that the brush won’t go hungry.I think that it is very important!”

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