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Stuck on Gift Ideas for Father’s Day? We Have The Perfect List of Ideas!

Father’s Day is just around the corner (June 16th)! You can always take the easy way out, just get your pops another tie that he’ll wear to work once before adding it to the pile in the back of his closet. But what are the gifts you should be getting that he’ll use on the regular? Well that depends on what he’s into. We tried to break down a few different categories that the “average dad” might fall under. It’s never easy to determine what we should be getting for those who have given us everything they can, but we did our best!

Is your dad….

A golfer?

  • Customize some of the best golf balls on the market just for him! Print a funny photo of him on the side of his ball, or his weird nickname that you learned from his college buddies.

In love with his facial hair?

Save him some money and force him to stop buying expensive razors. 3 Months of Dollar Shave Club! Or if he loves his beard, go with the Beard Club to keep his beard in tip top shape. Both are affordable monthly subscriptions that provide you with all of your facial care necessities.

The Beard Club
Dollar Shave Club

King of the naps?

I think everyone probably needs this. If your dad has trouble waking up after naps or even to make it to work on time, this is the perfect gift. The Ruggie is a revolutionary alarm clock that forces him to stand on it for 30 seconds in order to turn off the alarm.

The master of lounging around?

A dad who’s comfy around the house is a happy dad! You might want him waking up comfortable in these nice pair of UGG Slippers.

A car guy?

  • Lilly Brush Mini Pet Hair Detailer – Yes, this is our product, but I think it’s safe to say most dads cherish their cars and want to keep them clean. If you have a pet that sheds in the car, this tool is perfect for removing pet hair from all of the surfaces within the car.

Always enjoying a beer after work?

Easy to carry, easy to open!

BONUS GIFT: If he doesn’t feel like finishing it and wants to save it for later, just put a beer saver over the top!

The grill-master of the house?

Man Crates has a variety of kits and packages. Anything from food preparations to golf items, they have you covered with Father’s Day essentials! Check this link to see their homemade BBQ sauce kit!

We hope we were able to help in the hunt for a perfect gift! We wish all of you fathers out there a happy upcoming Father’s Day!


The Lilly Brush Team