the lilly brush story

It all started with a shelter dog named Lilly – a fluffy, loveable Aussie Shepherd who shed continuously. We were blowing through lint rollers every few days. One day, while searching for a less wasteful solution,  we came up with an odd contraption involving electric toothbrush heads glued to a block of wood. It looked ridiculous, but cleaned Lilly’s fur off of everything in the house. It wasn’t a perfect solution, but many experiments later, we finally had a brush that could defeat static and trap loads of soft clingy undercoat hair with every sweep. Ta-da! The Lilly Brush was born. 

We are a woman-owned small business helping pet owners Live Furlessly. Our first brush worked so well that the creation of our complete line of successful pet hair removers followed. Now you can bring your pet anywhere and never worry about the hair coming too.


Lilly Brush products last for years of daily use. No mess. No waste. No refills.

Lilly Brush

committed to the planet

Lilly Brush lives by the "waste not, want not" mentality.

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