product longevity

Our products are built to eliminate waste and last up to seven (7) years, even with daily use!

How to use

  • Brushes should be vacuumed occasionally.
  • Blades are wiped clean with a damp paper towel.
  • Using your Fluffy Pets Brush, use a circular or side-to-side brushing motion. 
  • Slightly dampen the bristles for the best results.
  • Don’t forget our portable  Furless Mini. The removable cap makes for a portable brush without bringing fur and dander! Just toss it in your bag without fear of leaving a mess.

Using your Mini Blade, use short, quick strokes from varying directions to loosen the most stubbornly embedded pet hair.

Best Tools For The Job

  • If your pet’s hair pokes and weaves into the fabric and is difficult to remove, the Mini Pet Hair Detailer is the go-to tool. Use any part of the rubber blade to lift and sweep pet hair into a pile for easy removal.
  • If your pet sheds soft undercoat hair that clings to the surface of fabrics by static, the Fluffy Pets Brush is the tool for you. It’s fun to use, and faster than anything else you’ve ever tried.

We created the Pro Pet Hair tool kit to de-fur every inch of your vehicle

  • Vacuum first to remove loose dirt
  • Pull the detailer towards you using short strokes and light downward pressure.
  • Use the crevice tool to clean narrow spaces.
  • For best results, occasionally clean dust from tools with a damp cloth
  • Use the MIGHTY PET HAIR DETAILER; even the best vacuums can’t get all the woven-in pet hair out of carpets. It can be hard to see the hair accumulating in the fluffiest of rugs, just keep sweeping, and it’ll come right out. Wait until you see what this fantastic tool will find! Perfect for stairs too!
  • The head has a universal ¾” screw-in to be used with any standard broom handle you may already have in the house!