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7 New Year’s Resolutions for You and Your Pet!

The New Year is right around the corner– but that doesn’t mean this is the only time of year to make resolutions! These seven resolutions benefit both you and your pet year-round, and have a long-term payoff that makes starting a new routine/habit SO worth it. 

#1: Buy a pet insurance plan 

Pet insurance can be a scary thing when you’re first starting out– there’s so much to know, and it all sounds so complicated! Even though it sounds complicated, it’s a great decision for both you and your pet to invest in a plan. Pet insurance works in a way similar to human insurance: you contribute a certain amount per month (or year), and in return, the insurance covers a variety of issues as they arise with your pet’s health. Since starting out can be quite intimidating, we wrote A Basic Guide to Pet Insurance: Everything You Need to Know

#2: Get outdoors! 

A great and easy way to make sure you’re getting outdoors more is to schedule daily walks or hikes. Beginning with one walk a day with your dog (or adventure cat) is the perfect way to schedule in a new routine. Walks have many health benefits for you and your pet, especially if you work from home and don’t get out enough. If you have time or build up to it, taking one walk in the morning and one walk in the evening is extra beneficial. And– if you haven’t gotten around to hiking yet– hikes are the perfect way to switch things up, and try something new! If you are going on hikes, be sure to read our 8 Safety Tips for Hiking with Your Dog

#3: Schedule an appointment with your vet

Our pets don’t always communicate with us in ways we understand. Because of this, sometimes we need the help of a medical professional to make sure our loveable fur friends are in their best health. Pet health professionals recommend that you schedule a check-in with your vet at least once per year. Ask your local vet for their recommendations, and in the meantime, check out our blog post Why Regular Vet Appointments are Important for Pet Health

#4: Try a new activity together 

It’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks! It’s also never too late to teach young dogs (or yourself!) a new trick. A great way to bond with your pet, while also getting out of your comfort zone and pushing yourself, is to try a new activity together. Whether it’s frisbee at the park, hiking, visiting a dog park, or becoming an adventure cat family, new experiences are so fun and are great for bonding you and your pet. 

#5: Brush your pet’s teeth 

Dental disease affects almost 85% of pets! Brushing is recommended once a day, but if that’s not an easy goal, start with once every other day. Dogs and cats both benefit from a daily teeth brush– and so do you, since your pet’s breath will no longer be smelly! 

#6: Adopt a shelter animal, if you can 

We know that not everyone is in the position to adopt a new pet– but if you are, adopting from a shelter is the best way you can adopt. If you’re looking for reasons to adopt from a shelter, we have a blog post (6 Reasons to Adopt from a Shelter) explaining why it’s so important, and what the benefits are. 

#7: Shop cruelty-free products 

This last tip isn’t directly corresponding with your pet, but it benefits you and your pet in roundabout ways. In our blog post 5 Ways to Shop Cruelty-Free Products, we teach you how to find the best products, how to recognize what’s accepted as “cruelty-free,” how to read product labels, and which ingredients you should be wary of. By choosing to go cruelty-free, you’re supporting your own health while also supporting the well-being and safety of animals across the globe. 

From all of us at Lilly Brush, we wish you and your pets a Happy New Year!