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Auto Detailer Spotlight: Chris Nichols

Here at Lilly Brush, we value community and relationship with our supporters! 

Our dear friends in the auto detailing business are some of the most loyal followers and supporters we’ve ever seen- they repost and share our products because they genuinely love our products and our company, and support us out of the kindness of their hearts. Our friendliest and most loyal customers come from all across the country, and we get the pleasure of interacting with them on a daily basis! From partnering with auto detailers, to doing giveaways, to running “Most Satisfying Video” contests, the Lilly Brush team loves interacting with our followers and building long-lasting friendships. 

Each month, Lilly Brush hosts a “Most Satsifying Video” contest for Auto Detailers– and this month’s winner is Chris Nichols of Nifty Nichols Detailing from Atlanta, Georgia! We asked Chris to share a bit about his life and career as a detailer, featured below, and what auto detailing means to him. 

Our Interview with Chris Nichols

Is detailing your full-time job? If so, when did it become full-time? 

So yes, detailing is my full time job. It became full time at the beginning of April 2018, so luckily i’ve been able to stay in this industry full time for the last three years– loving every bit of it! 

What detailer did you look up to/who taught you how to detail?

My dad actually taught me how to detail at 15 years old. I was always neat and organized, overall “OCD” like most detailers, and I caught on rather quickly and just fell in love with it. 

My great buddy Max Heisy out of Florida had a business called Maximum Detailing; he was always somebody that I always looked up to. Anytime I had any questions or concerns as to how to go about something, I could shoot him over a call or a text and he would always answer my messages. 

Do you mentor other detailers? 

Yes, I do. One in particular, his name is Jacob, owner of JDubs Mobile Services back home in Crestview, Florida. So Jacob is 16 years old, and I’ve known him for a while; his dad is a guy that I’ve been friends with for multiple years. When Jacob saw that I dropped everything in Florida to move up here to Georgia, to pursue my dreams, he found that very inspiring and figured he’d give it a shot. 

Who are a few other detailers that you follow or admire? 

So, I follow and admire tons of detailers in the local Atlanta area, overseas or here in the U.S., and I would say the top three are: Jason from Chicago Auto Pros out of Chicago, David from Finishing Touch– he’s in Tennessee– and then Stefan with Authentic Detail out of California.