5 MORE Winter Care Tips for Pets

5 MORE Winter Care Tips for Pets

You might have read our blog post last year titled “10 Winter Care Tips for Dog Owners,” where we covered the basic necessities for keeping your dog warm, cozy, and healthy during the winter months. This year, we’re bringing you five more tips, and this time, not just for dogs! 

cat and dog playing in the snow

1. Never shave your dog or cat’s fur

During the frigid winter months, your dog or cat needs that extra fluff on their little bodies– it keeps them extra warm and protected from the harsh winter weather. It is wise, however, to trim the ends of their fur (without giving them a full haircut!) to help prevent snow or ice balls from gathering.

2. Wipe off snowy paws!

Even though trimming fur can help to prevent snow or ice balls clinging to your pet’s fur, it’s not a completely preventative tactic. Clumps of snow and ice can still get stuck to your pet’s fur, especially on or near their paws, which can be uncomfortable or dangerous if left untreated. Grab an old towel and gently wipe off your pet’s snowy paws and fur!

3. More food, more fluff

It’s generally okay to feed your pet more during the winter months, since this provides more calories that their bodies may need to keep warm (especially if it’s a smaller pet). The few extra calories serves as insulation for your pet and traps in a little extra body heat. Be careful not to overdo it, of course– you never want to overfeed your pet or cause a significant amount of weight gain, so speak with your vet before changing your pet’s diet.

4. Invest in cozy bedding

Make sure your pet has a warm and cozy place to sleep that will keep them insulated and warm all night! No matter where your pet sleeps at night, it’s important to make sure that they’re well taken care of all night long. Also, never leave your pet outside overnight. The frigid temperatures are too cold for your pets at night, and their health will suffer significantly if you don’t bring them indoors. A few bedding ideas include: Lucky Paws, Self-Warming Kitty Hut, Thermo Cat Bed, and Therapeutic Dog Couch.

5. Keep a close eye on your pet’s health

During the winter months, make sure to keep a close eye on your pet’s health. It’s important to make sure they’re well hydrated, moisturized, kept away from dangerous heat sources, and well nourished.

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