5 Ways to Spoil Your Pet on Valentine’s Day

5 Ways to Spoil Your Pet on Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Our pets might need a little extra love this year, and there are plenty of ways to spoil them and make their day special. If you’re out of ideas for the big day, here are 5 ways to spoil your pet on Valentine’s Day!

1. Make or Buy Their Favorite Treats

What is Valentine’s Day without something sweet? Treat your pet to a snack you know they’ll love. You can buy their favorite treat, or even make your own! There are plenty of pet-safe treat recipes out there, for both cats and dogs, and you can customize them to your pet’s liking. 

2. Reserve a Day at Doggie Daycare 

I don’t know about you, but my family’s dog LOVES doggie daycare– besides home, and the dog park, it’s his favorite place on earth. He gets to see all his pals, run around like a madman, and get all of his crazy energy out! If this is your dog too, a reservation at doggie daycare might be just the treat for a special Valentine’s Day. But when your pup gets home, make sure to spoil him/her with lots of love and cuddles. 

3. Plan an Outdoor Excursion 

What better way to spend quality time with your dog (or adventure cat) than spending it outdoors? Get outside; go for a long walk on their favorite route, take a fun hike, or visit the dog park (or their favorite park, if you’ve got an adventure cat with you). 

4. Arrange a Playdate with their Best Bud 

What better way to celebrate than to hang out with treasured friends? You can hang out with your pals while your pet hangs out with theirs! 

5. Get them Groomed (or do it yourself) 

If your pet wants to be feline fine this Valentine’s Day, treat them with a trip to the groomer (or not, if that’s not their cup of tea). If you don’t feel like taking them to the groomer, or if the groomer is their least favorite place to go, you can just as easily treat them to a grooming at home.

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