A Pet Lover’s Home Gift Guide

A Pet Lover’s Home Gift Guide

We’re back with another holiday gift guide! Give these top-tier gifts to your loved ones this season to put a smile on their face (and their pet’s!).  1. Furbo Dog Camera If you have pet-related se...

We’re back with another holiday gift guide! Give these top-tier gifts to your loved ones this season to put a smile on their face (and their pet’s!). 

Courtesy of Furbo

1. Furbo Dog Camera

If you have pet-related separation anxiety, fear no more! This home pet camera is a savvy way to keep tabs on your pet (and your house) while you’re away from home. All you have to do is connect your phone to the Furbo Dog Camera via wifi, and you’re all set! Furbo also connects with Amazon Alexa, so you can give Alexa commands to give to Furbo! 

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2. Stress Snuggle Toy

This toy is the perfect snuggle pal for any pet with an anxious disposition. Its soft, cuddly build puts your pet at ease while producing warmth and a subtle heartbeat-like pulse. On top of that, it’s simply adorable! The toy is easy to clean and comes with a set of batteries. 


3. Cat Window Seat

There’s nothing cats love more than curling up in the sun as it streams through the nearest window. This cozy seat doesn’t take up any room in your home– it simply sticks to the window! You can even stack these seats on your window so your cat can leap from one to another, enjoying every last minute of sunlight. 

4. Lilly Brush Mighty Pet Hair Detailer

It’s not called “mighty” for nothing– this pet hair sweep is the ultimate cleaning tool for any place in your home! With its sturdy frame and double-layered rubber blades, it tackles rugs and carpets with ease. Customers claim that as far as pet hair goes, this tool is even more effective than a vacuum, since it pulls up all the embedded furs from deep within your carpet’s crevices. 

Snoozer Pet Products

5. Luxury Dog Seat

With this car seat, you can make your pup feel like the royalty they are! It comes in three different sizes and six different colors, so you’ll have many options to choose from. This seat lives up to its luxurious title: it’s lined with faux lamb’s wool and a luxury microsuede cover. Not only is this great for car rides– it would make your dog or cat equally happy as an in-home cuddle couch. 

Petlab Co.

6. Dental Formula

To best care for your pup’s teeth, a safe dental formula is the way to go. It supports dental and gum health, along with better breath! Scroll down their product page to get a full description of all their all-natural ingredients. 


7. AquaPaw Pet Bathing Tool

We all know how much dogs love baths– almost as much as cats do! Make bath time stress-free and more fun (for you AND your dog) with AquaPaw! According to chewy.com, it’s the world’s “first wearable combination sprayer-scrubber,” which allows you to wash your dog at the same time you’re calming him down and preventing him from jumping out of the bathtub! 


8. FURminator Brush

This is the dog brush of all dog brushes. It works on all coat types: curly, long, and medium. Equipped with an antimicrobial and ergonomic handle, this brush is easy to use. You and your dog will both love it! 

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