Cat Profile: Maine Coons

Cat Profile: Maine Coons

Known for their notable stature and playful personality, Maine Coons are a stunning cat breed. It is no surprise that this dog-like feline is one of the most popular breeds across America. What’s not to love about this big wild sweetie? 

Whether you're a proud Maine Coon parent or a feline newbie, there’s no denying this breed’s remarkable looks. To learn more about the history, personality, and physicality of this quirky kitty, keep on reading!

The History of Maine Coons

This cat breed has a very interesting origin story. True to their name, “Maine Coon is regarded as a native of the state of Maine” and are even the State Cat according to State Cat - Maine Coon Cat. 

It may be naive to admit that I had never drawn the connection between their title and northeast roots. These cats are well equipped for the snappy weather of the New England region thanks to their physical attributes. 

Maine Coon Physicality 

Ready for snow, Maine Coons coats are thick and water resistant which is unlike the coat of any other cat breed. How neat is that! Have you ever wondered why certain parts of a cat’s coat are longer than others? For Maine Coons, this is to protect them from the cold dampness of harsh winters. 

Their thick tail can be the length of their body. This built-in thick-furred scarf helps them self-insulate. With their own self-made booties, their paws serve as permanent snowshoes. These self-preserving attributes help afford them the role as the Maine state cat (State Cat - Maine Coon Cat). 


Despite their large bodies, these cats love some cuddles! Known for their affection and playfulness, this breed needs some space to burn off some steam. The Maine Coon demands some attention to keep them entertained. 

That being said, this cat can be left alone all day and can cope with a busy household (Maine Coon). This breed can be great for families thanks to their lively silliness. This cat will be there for you for some fun playtime and cuddles. 

Maine Coons: A Perfect Cat +1

Whether you are a part of a bustling family or riding solo, this cat can be a great fit to your household. These big ol fluffs will demand some brushes to maintain their stunning coats. With winter coming up, these furry monsters are ready for some cold weather. 

So, if you are in the market for a feline friend, don’t forget to consider these stunners! With their showstopping looks and friskiness, this breed is bound to keep your heart full. Just make sure you have a brush on hand. 

I hope this blog provided some great insight on the joys of the Maine Coon breed. If anything, maybe, like me, you just discovered this cat’s remarkable origin story! As the cold weather blows in, these cats are ready to cozy up and keep you and your heart warm. 

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