Create Pet-Focused Do It Yourself (DIY) Projects

Create Pet-Focused Do It Yourself (DIY) Projects

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If you are a crafty pet parent, this is certain to be a blog you don’t want to miss!

 DIY-ing – “do it yourself” – is an ever popular pastime for at home crafting. Whether you are a seasoned pro with your own acquired skills and tools or if you are looking to try your hand at your first DIY, there is something for everyone. 

Here are some awesome pet-focused DIY projects. Seasoned pros and newbies alike are certain to find something that catches their eye from this array of toys to stylistic accessories for your space and your furry friend. 

DIY Pet Bed

There is nothing better than a nice and cozy bed. Whether lounging or sleeping, our pets love a comfy designated space to curl up – just like us! There is a plethora of different DIY pet beds to explore: Your Pooch will Sleep Like a Prince with these 26 DIY Pet Bed Ideas!

From an end table that doubles as a pet nook to a t-shirt and wire hanger cat tent, there are so many materials and structures depending on your space and pet’s needs. An awesome element of DIY is “upcycling:” reusing a material to create something of value. In this case boxes, dresser drawers, and articles of clothing can be “upcycled” to make a homey restful place. 

DIYs for Dog Parents

For the Advanced DIYers… 

If a DIY pet bed isn’t enough of a challenge, check out this DIY Dog Crate Table. I love this idea because it is a stealthy and visually appealing space for your pet’s enclosure. If you love to keep your space pristine and pet product-free (to the eye), you must check this DIY out! 

This is also awesome for your pet because they have a lovely designated area to feel safe. Your pet may benefit from their own dark space to sleep or decompress in, especially if they have anxious tendencies. 

For Sewers… 

If you are handy with a needle and thread, you must check out this Dog Sweater Sewing Pattern. As fall approaches, you can keep your pet warm in a homemade sweater. For this sweater, you can upcycle an old sweater of yours! Please take note, this specific DIY is for smaller pups since the source material is from a singular old sweater. 

For Those Wanting an Easy DIY… 

If sewing up a storm is not in your skillset, here is cheap and easy DIY Dog Bandanas. Using any fabric of your choice, you can make different themed bandanas for different seasons and holidays. These can also make a super easy gift for a pet lover. 

Let’s Not Forget About Those Cat Lovers!

There are DIYs out there for cats, too! 

For a Simple Cat Toy… 

Cats are known for their love of string toys. Here is an easy DIY Feather Cat Toys that only requires a few materials. You can complete this toy with a bell to provide sensory stimulation and some added fun to this toy! 

For Those Sun-loving Kitties… 

I have seen window contraptions all over for those sun-loving loving felines. This cute DIY cat window perch is a beautiful compliment to your space that your cat is sure to love. Check out How to Make a Window Perch for Your Cat. This spot is sure to be your kitty’s new favorite spot. 

For Those Treat-Motivated Felines… 

This awesome cat toy is filled with healthy cat-friendly treat ingredients. Natural Cat Toys You Can DIY Easy is complete with catnip and sesame seeds. You can make different shapes like carrots and other fruits and veggies. This all natural toy and treat in one is sure to keep your kitty entertained. 

Bonus: iff you are looking for food related DIYs, check out this awesome blog on Homemade Pet Treats! 

In Conclusion… 

Whether you want a new bed, toy, or accessory, there is definitely a DIY option out there! Although there are plenty of things you can buy, it can be fun to roll up your sleeves and make something special for your furry friend. Try out a fun DIY for your pet – not only can this be an exciting activity for you and your human family, but it can also provide a joyous product for your furry family member.  

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