Different Pets for Different Lifestyles

Different Pets for Different Lifestyles

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Pets can bring such joy to our human lives. Animals' free spiritedness and energy can have an amazing impact on us. Whether you are the active outdoorsy type or the introverted homey type, animal lovers exist in all shapes, sizes, and lifestyles!

Although you may field questions of whether you are a cat or dog person, the joy of pets doesn’t stop there! From fish to hamsters to reptiles, there are animals out there for just about any type of human. 

So, let’s talk about different pets for different lifestyles! 

Dogs vs. Cats vs. Neither

When thinking about pet ownership, dogs and cats are the first animals to come to mind. Let’s face it: the divide among cat and dog people is extreme, but if you are not a dog or cat person, you are welcome here!

When considering what pet is right for you, take a moment to consider if you identify as a cat person, dog person, or none of the above. This may be the easiest way to assess your pet-parenting potential. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box! 

Remember: your life ebbs and flows, so your capacity for pet parenting will change too! Certain times in your life are likely to come with different circumstances. Consider: how much time, money, attention, and energy do I have to give to my pet at this current stage of my life? What do I want out of my relationship with my pet?


For Those With Busy Lives

If you are someone who feels pressed for time, now may not be the best chapter of your life to get a dog. Dogs need exercise and an available parent to take them outside several times a day. If you want a pet that will give you cuddles, but not occupy too much of your day-to-day, consider a cat!

Now, let me admit I am a proud dog person turned cat lover and mother. As a young adult with a packed schedule, now is a great time for me to have a cat instead of a dog. My cat spends his days sleeping, but loves playtime and cuddles which brings me just the amount of pet joy I am looking for! 

Cats, although not necessarily a cheap pet, don’t have as many costs associated with their care as dogs. It is important to understand your capability for a pet budget, especially if you are someone who will want to spoil your animal family member. 

For Very Low Maintenance Pet Parenting

If a cat sounds like too much work or if you aren’t interested in feline friends, here are some other low maintenance ideas. 

It might sound cliche, but maybe a fish is the passive pet for you! Did you know owning a fish can alleviate anxiety, provide calming effects, and can help lower blood pressure? Check out The Therapeutic Benefits of Having a Pet Fish!

Fish come with a lot of creative freedom. Designing a fish space can bring such fun! For other enclosed pets, maybe a reptile or amphibian like a gecko or frog would be the lower maintenance animal cohabitant for you. 

For the Active and/or Extraverted

It likely comes as no surprise that a dog might be the pet for you if you are active or extraverted. As mentioned, dogs need attention, so make sure you have time and energy to dedicate to your furry friend! Especially young pooches can bring social and lively energy into your life. 

Bonus: Cats That Are Like Dogs and Dogs That Are Like Cats

If you are like me and love cats and dogs, there are many overlapping behaviors. I love cats that act like dogs – social, high energy, and cuddly! Maybe you want a jazzed feline to spend your time with. Popular cat breeds like Main Coons, Ragdolls, and Siamese cats can be “doglike” – Check out 10 Doglike Cats for the Animal Lover Who Can’t Own a Dog

Just the same, maybe you want an independent, low maintenance dog. Check out 7 Dogs That Are Basically Like Cats! Lazy pups like Greyhounds and sunbathers like Whippets can bring the self-sufficient loaf you are looking for. 

In the end… Remember: animals and humans go beyond stereotypes! 

Just because certain elements of your lifestyle may align better with a certain type of pet, only you can decide what is best for you and your future pet. Picking a pet is no small feat. Make sure you take the time to assess what kind of love you want to give and receive to a new friend and you are well on your way to being an amazing pet parent. 

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