Doberman Pinscher: Dog Profile

Doberman Pinscher: Dog Profile

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Are you familiar with the doberman pinscher? Are you interested in knowing more about what kind of pet they’d make or fun and historical facts about them? Then this blog on the profile of dobermans is for you!

Let’s begin with the basics…

Dobermans are known for their intense persona and appearance. These very lively dogs tend to need 40+ minutes of exercise a day as they are known for their abundance of energy. Clocking in at 60 to 100 pounds, these dogs are bred for guardianship  (Doberman Dog Breed, Hills Pet). 

If you are looking for a people-social and loyal pupper, a doberman might just be the dog for you. Daily activity is a must to avoid aggravation. Due to their strength and demeanor, these dogs must be well-trained. If done so, they can be well-behaved and devoted. 

As for pet care… 

Dobermans are ideal for those looking for minimal grooming upkeep. Dobermans do not need to be bathed often and brief brushing can keep their coat shiny and healthy. Make sure to take care of their notable ears! Ask your vet for their recommendation if you are doberman parent, but this pup only needs a lowkey, run of the mill maintenance routine (Doberman Pinscher, American Kennel Club). 

As for shedding… 

Dobermans are average shedders. With a single-coat, they will shed consistently throughout the year rather than following any major shed seasons. Keeping up with their shedding will be a routine and consistent need, but nothing crazy to maintain. 

Ideal Pet Parent

If you are not someone who has a good hour at minimum to dedicate to your furry friend daily, the doberman is likely not the dog for you. These dogs need great mental and physical stimulation. As mentioned, their intense personality can be expressed aggressively if not properly exercised. 

If you are looking for a serious and fiercely loyal four-legged companion, a doberman is well aligned with you. Dobermans can sometimes imprint on only one specific person, so if you are living the single life or are fiercely independent, these dogs will make a great +1!

Their History 

As for their history, “a German named Louis Dobermann is credited with developing the Doberman pinscher breed in the late 1800s” (Doberman Dog Breed, Hills Pet). The breeds behind the doberman are believed to include rottweilers, german pinschers, great danes, and german shepherds, to name a few. 

A Fun Fact

Did you know dobermans have been police, military, rescue AND therapy dogs?! With their powerful personality and speed, they can make for a great police dog. Whether protecting or chasing, their intense focus and militance makes them a prevalent member in law enforcement (Top 15 Dog Breeds for Police Work, Wag). 

Interested in Adoption? 

If you are interested in adding a loyal doberman to your home, I highly recommend checking out Saving Dobermankind Animal Rescue. This awesome group has foster homes across Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, and Texas. They are dedicated to saving dobermans from high kill shelters in Colorado and surrounding states! 

Maybe consider spending time with a doberman before adoption if you can, maybe at a shelter, if you want a better sense of your personality compatibility. Especially if you have children or many other pets, it is important to assess your home life and your daily pet-parenting time. Although a more hands on pet, dobermans can make phenomenal companions, and this breed is truly remarkable! 

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