Rainy Day Dog Walking Essentials

Rainy Day Dog Walking Essentials

If you live somewhere like Denver, you may have found 2023 has been an extra wet year. According to 9News, Denver saw more rainfall than cloudy Seattle from January to June! It may be tempting to let the rain dictate your day. There is nothing wrong with a cozy afternoon on the couch with a good book or movie while watching the rain fall. 

Although your pet may love to spend time with you under a warm blanket on these kinds of days, don’t let the weather stop your dog from getting their walks in! With these essentials, you and your pet can be ready to jump into puddles! 

Finding The Right Outfit: A Raincoat and Booties

Your pet may not be the only one who could use some protective wear! Especially if your pet’s coat is hard to maintain when wet, wearing a raincoat can help protect them from getting matted or cold. 

One of my favorite four-legged TikTokers, Ollie, loves nothing more than going and seeing ducks on a rainy day. His favourite quack-tivity is complete with a yellow raincoat that’ll make your heart melt. Even The Wall Street Journal has something to say on the subject – check out their article: “The 15 Best Raincoats for Dogs!” 


If you want to take your dog’s wearables one step further, you can find a nice pair of booties. Rain, shine, or snow, some booties for your pet is likely a good idea! Protecting them from harsh temperatures, rocks, and potentially problematic debris, booties can keep your pet’s paws safe. 

You’ll be thanking yourself for your pet’s raincoat and booties when you return home. This means less cleanup for you! No muddy paws or matted coats to worry about. Regardless of your pet’s wearables, it isn’t a bad idea to have a post-walk routine. 

Post-Walk Routine

To make clean-up easy after weather-filled walks, try establishing a post-walk routine. Your pet may need their paws washed. This can help shake loose any unwanted elements like rocks or mud and help keep your house clean. For extra-furry friends, make sure you take some time to brush out their coat. 

The Post-Cleanup Clean Up 

Brushing out your pet’s hair may make them cleaner, but it can make your space messier. For thick-coated floofs, it can be hard to clean up all the fur. You and your carpets might end up hairier than desired… 

So, once your pet is beautifully brushed, don’t forget to clean yourself and your space of all that hair! 

Hair Clean Up 

If you manage to get your pet’s hair all over yourself, try out the Be Forever Furless Mini! Perfect for on-the-go, this portable tool will help get rid of lint and hair from your clothes. Let’s face it… if you have a pet that sheds, you're going to need this!  

For your space, check out the Mighty or Mini Pet Hair Detailer! Post-rainy walk brush-outs may demand a carpet cleanup, and these tools are perfect for removing trapped fur. The only thing worse than rouge pet hair filling your space is dirty wet pet hair! So, do yourself a favor and check out these sweet tools. 

Finding What Works For You

No matter what weather you are surrounded by, it is important your pet gets their daily exercise. It is important to be mindful of their outdoor experience just as you are with your own! So, the next time you grab your raincoat, get curious if your pet might like that protection too! Not to mention, you two could be stylish rainy day walkers with coordinated outfits. 

If your pet gets dusty, muddy, damp, or sweaty, try out a new post-walk routine for easy cleanup! Keeping yourself and your space clean doesn’t need to be a challenge! So, seize the day, no matter what the weather, and give your pet the outdoor time they deserve… And give yourself the clean space you deserve.  

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