Rescuing Sweaters from Pills and Fur One Closet at a Time - Lilly Brush
Lilly Brush

Rescuing Sweaters from Pills and Fur One Closet at a Time

The lovely ladies over at  We Heart This took an up close look on how Lilly Brush preforms on pills and pet hair. Once again, Lilly Brush impressed! Here are some highlights of what they had to say:

“Lilly Brush came as a solution to my problem. Lilly Brush is a lightweight, compact bristled brush that removes lint, pills and pet hair from all natural fibers.”

“This brush won’t damage delicate fabric and sweater weaves and does a great job of “clean up” with minimal effort.”

“I hate pills on my sweaters and other clothing items because they make them appear old and abused. I was shocked that with just a few swipes of the Lilly Brush that my woolens and sweaters were resuscitated. This saved me from prematurely donating the items and extended the life span of some pieces that now look practically brand new.”

“It also does a great job of sweeping up pet hair from clothes and furniture…Once “full”, the brush head is easily cleaned of fur, and is ready for more. (So much better than trying to remove fur with one of those tape lint rollers!)”

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