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10 Best Halloween Costume Ideas For Your Pet

Halloween is just around the corner! It may still be a few weeks away, but costume shopping has to start ASAP! Don’t let your pet miss out on the fun of dressing up. Here’s our list of the 10 best costume ideas of 2019 for your pets!

UPS Driver

Nothing screams dedication like the boys in brown showing up every day to deliver packages all across the world. Who else deserves such an honor other than the most dedicated member of your family, your dog. 

Beanie Baby (Easy DIY!)

Beanie Babies were a huge part of many of our lives growing up. Then we got older and decided to get a living version of the plush toys we grew up loving. Throw this Ty Beanie Baby tag on your dog for a simple, cute, and nostalgic costume!

DIY: All you need is felt, construction paper, or any material that can match these colors! Simply cut out a big red heart, and glue on the letters “ty” in white. Attach your masterpiece to your dog’s collar and voila, you’re a DIY dog costume expert!

Aladdin Abu

This one is a guaranteed laugh. Whether you’re at a Halloween party, or handing out candy, seeing this little monkey waddle up to you will put an instant smile on anyone’s face. If they’re an Aladdin fan, well then you just might have to be wary of a dognapping!


We’ve all seen the fierce fire that lies deep within our dogs when they’re protecting their bone, or defending the house from the perpetual army of mailmen. They all have a little werewolf in them, even the sweetest of pups. This Halloween let them be the beast within and scare your neighbors with a werewolf patrolling your front yard.

Bowtie & Cuff Set

If you’re hosting a halloween dinner party, this is the costume for your dog. Sure Halloween parties don’t tend to be black-tie, but there’s nothing wrong with a little class. Make sure your dog is the sharpest dressed in the bunch by throwing on a bow tie and some cuffs!


What better fit for your cat than the King of the Jungle? Our cats already patrol the house thinking they are the most dangerous hunter on the planet. This year for Halloween throw a mane around those killer jaws and let them dress the part!


This one is sure to make a few people jump. There is no reaction more natural than jumping out of your seat when you see a 20 pound spider run across the room. If you’re a fan of those spooky Halloween vibes, throw a few extra legs on your cat and grab some popcorn! 


Aye Aye, Captain! Set sail on this costume if you want your pet to seem like the most responsible pet at the party. Hopefully they don’t have the mouth of a sailor to go along with it. 

Deadly Playtime Doll Pet Costume 

This costume has been all over social media for the past few weeks. It is, by far, one of the hottest trending costumes for your pet to wear this season. Hopefully they won’t scare any of the other pets at the party. 

 It’s Happy Hour! Costume

Is your pet a party animal?! If so, this is the perfect fit for them. With their companion carrying behind, they will make sure you don’t attend the party empty handed. Don’t let them drive home!

Your pet will feel left out if they aren’t as dressed up as you are on the one day that you can get decked out in crazy attire. We guarantee that your pet can pull off the best costume award at any party with these costume ideas! If you end up taking any photos, please feel free to send them to us and we will be happy to post them!


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