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10 Halloween Costumes for your Pet in 2020

Halloween is just around the corner! Don’t let the pandemic take away the fun of this season. You can still celebrate the spooky holiday safely with your family and pets. We’ve compiled a list of the best pet Halloween costumes of 2020, so you can focus on winning your own costume contest! 

If you’re more the competitive type, and happen to live in the Denver Metro area, the Denver Dumb Friends League is hosting a costume contest of their own! Visit their website for more information on how to participate.


What’s better than avocado toast? Avocado dog! Beat the avocado toast media trends by stepping up your costume game. Instead of going out for candy, you’ll just want to stay in and avo-cuddle with your dog all night. You can step up this costume by dressing yourself as toast. 

Presidential Candidate

If you’re feeling extra paw-litical this October, dress your pet up as your favorite presidential candidate! All you need is a suit and tie (and if you’re really feeling it, a wig of your choice). If you dress your pet too well, you might even get some votes for your furry candidate this fall! #doggoforpresident 


It’s here: the perfect costume for Star Wars fanatics! Just when you thought your pet couldn’t get any cuter, the Ewok costume appeared. You can now have your very own fluffy Ewok at home. If you have multiple dogs, you can even reenact scenes from the films. 

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Pumpkin Spice Latte, or Puppuccino? Your pet will be looking sweeter than candy, but will probably be thinking about eating the costume the entire evening. Spice up your evening with this festive costume, and maybe a Pumpkin Spice Latte of your very own (because who needs candy when you could have coffee?). 


The autumn months, especially October, are the perfect time for mystery. If you’ve seen the new Enola Holmes movie, or any of BBC’s Sherlock, you’ll be especially excited to find this Holmes family-esque outfit! Your pet can now stealthily sleuth through the fallen leaves, solving any mystery that comes your way (like the case of your kid’s missing candy basket). 

Dapper Dog

Tuxedo Dog

Is your pet feeling too dapper and sophisticated for the aforementioned costumes? Amp up the class by donning him or her in a tuxedo and bow tie. While you’re at it, don’t forget to serve their dinner on your finest China plates. Because your pet is worth it. 

French Bulldog

You can really only accomplish this if you have a French Bulldog that you dress as a French Bulldog. But you can dress any pet in the latest Parisian fashion! Whether an artist, philosopher, or poet, your pet will bask in the glory of an authentically French beret. 


These butterfly wings are a classic pick. They are looser and more breathable than other costumes, and your pet can actually move around in with ease. They’ll just look very elegant doing so. A great easy costume if you live somewhere warm! 


This costume is for all the ferocious felines and dogs out there whose spirits are larger than they are. Make your corgi or kitten roar with this wild outfit. Even animals have spirit animals. Most of them just so happen to be lions. 


Aren’t our pets superheroes already? They just need the costume to let their superhero nature shine. You can choose from your favorite superheroes, like Superwoman, Batman, or Captain America. You might want to join your pet in embracing your inner superhero and build up an Avengers squad.