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4 Practices to Keep your Pet in Tune with your Work Schedule

We get it. Sometimes, we feel like this too.

While you work from home, you probably aren’t always in your office alone! As the work-from-home flow continues onward, it’s helpful to schedule in time with your BFFs, your office acquaintances– otherwise known as your pet! Over the past ten months, we work-from-homers have learned to manage the work/home life balance. Sometimes, work and home still become interchangeable, and we are left wondering how to draw clear distinctions between them. 

Oftentimes, our pets become confused by our ever-changing schedules, especially as we continue to stay at home while working but while also being unable to give them the full attention they crave. To keep your pet well-adjusted to the work-at-home life, try following these tips below! 

Schedule Walks

Scheduling walks is a great tactic to get both you and your pet up and moving! While you’re sitting in an office all day, and your dog is lounging about the house, walks provide a great mental break and are a perfect way to get in physical exercise and fresh air. Morning walks are best, before getting your work day started (and wearing out your pup a bit before you start hopping onto meetings), but afternoon and evening walks are always great to break up your work day and get outside. 

Schedule Break Times

Marking break times into your daily schedule is necessary for your own sanity, as well as your pet’s. Taking the time to play with your pet or give them attention at various points in the day is essential, especially if you work in a separate space away from your pet (which we highly recommend; see below). Not to mention, taking breaks from work is imperative to workplace success. Spending time with your pet before joining an online meeting has also been proven to prevent barking and anxiety when you’re on a call. 

Use a Separate Work Space

Try setting up a separate workspace for your office hours– you and your pet will both benefit from this. You’ll be able to train your pet to not be dependent on you, for whenever the time comes for you to work away from home again, and the separation of space will keep you focused throughout the day. Keeping a separate space will also allow you to stick to your walk, play, and food schedule. 

Keep Your Pet Occupied 

Keep your pet busy while you’re hard at work, or absorbed in meetings. Mental stimulation is important for growth and health in all pets, dogs and cats alike. One of the most highly recommended mental stimulation toys for dogs is KONG, which stimulates your dog’s mind by making him/her work towards a goal. These toys, and many similar, require effort and concentration, which will keep your dog busy for hours. Cats, on the other hand, are generally self-entertaining. If you have an especially fidgety cat, however, there’s a wide variety of cat toys that will keep your kitten entertained. Scratching posts and cat towers are other great alternatives! 

We know that working from home can be tough, especially when you have others (furry friends!) relying on you. Follow our tips and let us know how it goes! Send over your best working-from-home-with-pets photos for a chance to be featured on our social media!