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5 Items To Bring While Walking Your Dogs

One of the most important things you can do for your dog is to take them on frequent walks. The exercise helps them maintain a healthy weight, keeps them happy, and helps them stay acquainted with their neighborhood! Many families with multiple dogs find that it can be tough when walking them all at once. When you don’t have time to take your dogs for separate walks, here are a few things to make your life a little bit easier when you take your pack for a walk.

1. AUDWUD Silicone Treat Pouch

Bring this AUDWUD Silicone treat pouch full of treats to reward them for being great listeners or in case they want food. As we all know, the easiest way to keep your dogs attention is a little snack!

2. Safety-Sport Dog Horn

We know all dogs go to heaven, but that doesn’t mean some of them don’t have a mean streak hidden away somewhere. This one may seem over the top, and hopefully you’ll never have to use it. The reality is you will likely come across an aggressive dog or two in your lifetime. By keeping this dog horn with you on walks, you can stop an aggressive dog in its tracks with a quick blast of the horn. One of our team members unfortunately had to use one of these just last week to scare off a charging dog. DON’T WORRY: This horn won’t hurt any dogs, it’ll just scare them off. 

3. N-Gage Running Leash

Whether you are walking your dog or going on a run, this leash is great to keep them under control. This leash attaches to your waist, keeping your hands free and your dog secure. Having multiple dogs attached to your waist makes it so you won’t have two dogs pulling each arm in opposite directions. 

P.S. Be careful with larger dogs. If you dog is stronger than you, be sure that you are able to control them to avoid being dragged across your neighbor’s lawn.

4. N-Gage Harness

Having your dog’s leash attached to a harness is another great way to keep them under control. The harness surrounds your dog’s entire torso rather than keeping all of the pressure around their neck. This is especially helpful with larger, stronger dogs, but is a great tool for all dogs! When your dog decides they want to chase a squirrel, or run after the neighbor’s dog, their harness allows you to yank them back into place without hurting or choking them. 

5. Wild One Poop Bag Carrier

It Happens! – It’s bound to happen when you are on a walk with your dogs. Snag one of these poop bag dispensers that clip onto your leash. Easy to carry and you won’t forget to grab a bag ever again!

Walking your dogs can seem like a hassle at times, but its often the highlight of their day. When walking multiple dogs at once the hassle increases astronomically. Being able to control, care for, and clean up after two or more dogs at the same time is no easy task. Having the right tools to keep the chaos at bay can make all the difference in the world, making the experience much more enjoyable for all parties involved!


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