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5 Tips To Keep Your Pet Safe In The Cold

Extremely hot temperatures are not the only time where your pet’s life can be at risk; despite their natural fur coats, extreme cold can also be a real danger to your pet as well. With winter on its way, many states around the country are already experiencing their first dose of cold weather. When the cold arrives most of us dive into our closets to layer up for the winter. Our pets don’t have the ability to do that, even the ones growing out their thicker coat for the winter. We have listed some tips below for keeping your pet safe throughout this winter season. Although some of these tips and tricks may seem obvious, let these act as a few friendly reminders! 5 Tips To Keep Your Pet Safe In The Cold

Keep Them Outside Just Long Enough To Take Care Of Bodily Functions

If you don’t want to be doing your business outside, chances are neither does your pet. Let your pet outside to use the bathroom, but make sure to let them back in when they’re finished. Don’t forget to wipe their paws! Rock salt can irritate their paws and their mouth, if they get a chance to lick their paws. 

Get some shoes for those paws! (Or check out Musher’s Secret!)

Dog booties come in all shapes and sizes. You’ll surely be able to find the right ones for your pet! Many dogs with longer fur are susceptible to accumulating balls of ice on their paws while walking in the snow. The snow packs on to their paws creating balls of ice that get stuck in the fur, making a simple walk extremely painful. You may notice your dog limping or whimpering during a walk in the snow, check the bottom of their paws! If you see snow and ice building up, go grab them a pair of booties! Some dogs hate their boots, for those dogs we think you should try Musher’s Secret. Musher’s Secret is a thick wax coating that protects your dog’s paws in all types of climates. Anything from from hot pavement to icy roads, Musher’s Secret has them covered.

Get your pet a coat!

Some dogs and cats look adorable in their winter gear. Others, however, seem to hate every minute of wearing a jacket. We always want our pets to be comfortable, so if they hate it then don’t force them to wear it. In the winter months many smaller cats and dogs benefit greatly from having an extra layer wrapped around them during a walk through the snow.

Dog Doors!

There are many pets out there that do outdoor chores for their owners. Whether it be on the farm or hunting, weather can still be life threatening even if your pet is actively running around while out in the cold. Ensure that your pet has a place to go if they get too cold outside. Some of these dogs spend the vast majority of their lives outdoors, others never even see the inside of their owner’s house. Even if you don’t believe your dog should come inside of your home, you can still provide them with access to shelter. Doggy doors can be attached to anything from houses, garages, or even your shed. Get one for your dog this winter to keep them warm and protected from the elements!

Every Pet is Different

All pets have a different tolerance for the cold. Often times the difference comes with the breed. Many Huskies see the snow and immediately fall in love with it. They would spend all day running around in the cold and rolling in the snow if you let them. It is important to keep an eye on your pet though, as they don’t all feel the same way. Just because your breed of dog or cat originated from a cold environment, doesn’t mean they want to be outside all winter. Pay attention to what your pet is trying to tell you!

The winter can be a tricky time when taking care of your pets. Some of them typically love the outdoors, but want nothing to do with these frigid winter months. Even our pets that love the snow need a break from the cold now and again. The key to navigating the cold months is to pay attention to what your pet is telling you, and knowing when to listen. Small dogs might hate their jacket, but need it to stay warm on their nighttime walk. Other dogs might never want to leave the great outdoors, but don’t know just how cold and windy the weather is expected to be. As long as your dog seems happy, they typically know what they can handle when it comes to the cold. Keep an eye on your pets, listen to what they’re telling you, and most importantly keep an eye on the weather. Extreme cold temperatures can be dangerous for your pets, and sometimes even life threatening. 


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