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Amazon Prime Day Is Just Around The Corner!

Amazon Prime Day is back once again, and Lilly Brush has joined the fun! At 2:59am ET on Monday, July 15th the deals start flooding in! This two day shopping extravaganza features countless discounts on all your favorite items. Not to mention, our best selling Mini Pet Hair Detailer will be 20% off! Be sure to take advantage of this annual opportunity to save yourself some cash. We have attached a link to our newly updated Amazon store below that will have the Mini Pet Hair Detailer right on the home page for easy access!

Here’s how Amazon Prime Day stacks up against some of the biggest shopping holidays throughout the year.

We’re incredibly excited to take part in one of the largest consumer shopping holidays! Be sure to check us out on Monday and Tuesday for 20% off our best selling Mini Pet Hair Detailer!


The Lilly Brush Team