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Best Dog Movies With Happy Endings!

Too often, movies about dogs are captivating up until the point where they break your heart. Marley & Me, a personal favorite of ours, is poised to make even the world’s toughest people burst into tears. If you’re anything like us and love a good dog movie without the sad ending, we’ve made the perfect list for you! Here are our five favorite dog movies with HAPPY ENDINGS. 

P.S. If you haven’t seen Marley and Me, grab some tissues and give it a shot. (Only if you’re willing to cry)

101 Dalmatians

A Disney classic! Sit down with the family and watch as the evil Cruella Deville battles the whits of a massive family of Dalmatians!


A hero’s story. Watch in amazement as this true story of a very brave sled dog unfolds. Check out our blog about the story of this heroic dog!


Released in 1992, Beethoven is considered one of the classics. Follow along as this hilarious dog gets into all sorts of trouble with his new beloved family.

Cats and Dogs

A hilarious adaptation of what just might be going on with our pets when we’re not looking!

Snow Dogs

Talk about a star studded cast, this one features 8 real dogs! Hilarity ensues as one man steps in way over his head trying to tough it out with a pack of sled dogs.

These are some of our personal favorites, feel free to let us know what we missed! We hope this is helpful the next time you’re looking for the right movie to watch with the family. No sad endings on this list!


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