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Best Dressed Pets This Holiday Season

The winter holidays are here and there’s no better time of year to dress up your pet. (Except maybe Halloween!) Sweaters and jackets can be very helpful for your pet’s throughout the winter to keep them warm on those early morning walks before work. With Christmas and Chanukah right around the corner, holiday sweaters are starting to make their way out of our closets and out for the world to see. We know our pet’s love to be included, so why not dress them up too! People love to have “Ugly Christmas Sweater” parties to show off their funniest and wackiest holiday sweaters to their friends and family. One thing we never seem to come across is our pets in ugly sweaters. Why, you ask? Well mainly because our pets look adorable in everything. We’ve been scouring the internet looking for the best dressed pets to share with you all!

Mrs. Paws!
Ginger Bread Ned
Santa’s Little Helper!
Harry the Hipster
Feline Herself
Sleighing it!
He’s a Kippah!

We hope you all are as excited for the holidays as we are! As Lilly Brush shuts down the office for a few days to celebrate with our loved ones, we wanted to share these photos with you in hopes to make everyone smile one last time before the end of the work week!


The Lilly Brush Team