2024 In’s & Out’s List: Pet Parent Edition

2024 In’s & Out’s List: Pet Parent Edition

As 2024 kicks off, people on the Internet are all about the “in’s and out’s” list for the year ahead. Pet parents want in on the fun, too! 

These simple lists show priorities for the year ahead. So, what’s in and what’s out? Let’s get into it. 

2024 In’s & Out’s List: Pet Parent Edition 

In: Setting Pet/Parent Goals 

The beginning of a new year can feel like high pressure to establish “New Year’s Resolutions.” Try involving your pooch in your 2024 goals! Want to go to new places? Pick up running? Meet new people? Your floof can be along for the ride! 


  • One outing a month focused on your furry friend, like a hike or special pet-friendly visit 
  • Work on new pet training: reduce barking, reform greeting habits, teach new tricks
  • Maintain a cleaner space (see In: Clean Spaces below for more inspiration) 
  • Take a pet-friendly trip with your furry friend

Out: Putting Too Much Pressure on Yourself 

Like any type of parenting, pet parenting it is a journey – and, boy, can it be hard! So, like all goals you set, give yourself grace. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself or get discouraged if something disrupts your objectives! 

Maybe involving your pooch can help alleviate your stress – spending more time with your furry friend can be oh so good for you! Looking to spend more time outside? Spend less time on your phone? Spend more time being active? Your pup can help with that! 

In: Establishing Pet/Parent Routines

Maybe a goal of you and your pet’s this year is consistency – consistency in mealtimes, walking schedules, or behavior. Routines can be great for the wellbeing of us and our pets! Habits allow us to feel at ease and create stability for our families, including our furry family members. 

For instance, pets seem to love to tell us when they think it is time for a walk or a meal. Unless you have a very go-with-the-flow four-legged friend, I imagine your pet notices when you disrupt their routine. Maybe standardizing a part of your pet’s routine is a great way to manage both of your expectations. 

Out: Creating Bad Habits

 Pets are creatures of habit! I bet you can think of a bad habit of your floof in seconds. It happens to the best of us – our dog gets used to taking up most of the bed, we grow accustomed to barking and jumping, we forget the structured rules we promised we would uphold.

Looking to break bad habits? Here are some tips:

  • First and foremost, stop a habit before it forms! 
    • Whether new or seasoned pet parent, establish and reevaluate your “house rules.” Maybe it’s no dog on the furniture or no barking at the doorbell. It is easier to break a new behavior than an old habit.
  • If an undesirable habit is disrupting you, be patient and kind to yourself and your pet. 
    • It’s not your fault or theirs, it just happens! We can all pick up undesirable habits, and being hard on ourselves will not do us any favors in changing our behavior.
  • Start small with your goal.
    • You are more likely to stick to your goal the more attainable you believe it to be. Biting off more than you can chew may overwhelm you and your floof. 

In: Being Happy and Healthy 

  • Take your furry friend to the vet for an annual checkup if they haven’t had one recently 
  • Focus on staying properly hydrated and well-fed for the both of you 
  • Prioritize good, quality sleep (Check out: Should Your Pet Sleep In Your Bed? For more information) 
  • Ensure a healthy balance of exercise and rest
  • Socialize in comfortable environments that allow for positive stimulation 

Out: Overwhelming Ourselves and Our Furry Friends

Our pets can seem like psychics – they may reflect or perceive our internal emotions beyond our expectations. So, the more we can prioritize treating ourselves and our fluffs with love and kindness, the less stressed we can both be! 

If you find yourself in a time of panic, consider taking a break to cuddle or go outside with your pet. Pets and people are here to share their incredible bond and love!

In: Clean Spaces

Do you ever feel like you can’t focus because your brain is reflecting a cluttered space? A clean and organized space can help us feel refreshed and renewed! Instead of jumping to “spring cleaning,” consider a beginning of the year deep clean so you can feel well prepared for the months ahead. 

Out: The Mess of Pet Fur

Our little furry friends can bring such joy… and mess! Especially in these colder months full of wet paws and muddy hair, no space is safe! That is why it is important to establish a strong cleaning routine with the right tools. 

Check out Lilly Brush’s iconic products – they’ve got you covered. From an on-the-go car clean to sweater touchup, you need these tools in your life!  

2024: The Year of You and Your Floof!

The beginning of a new year brings so many cliches: the year of you! New year: new you!

As you consider the year ahead, though, don’t forget about a certain, maybe unexpected, family member that wants in on the fun: your pet! Here is to a happy and prosperous 2024 for pets and their parents everywhere! 

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