Dog Breed Profile: The Pembroke Welsh Corgi!

Dog Breed Profile: The Pembroke Welsh Corgi!

For the love of Corgis! I don’t know about you, but I know a lot of Corgi lovers. These quirky little pups are a personality-filled, unique, and adorable breed – what’s not to love! 

I cannot say that I know much about Corgis, though. My historic knowledge is that Corgis have cute little legs that contribute to their adorable romping energy, and that the late Queen Elizabeth II had some royal corgis. 

So, if like me, you want to learn more about the lovable Corgi breed, their history, and some fun facts, then this blog is for you! 

Why People Love Corgis  

What’s so special about Corgis? This breed has a cult following. According to “Why Are Corgis Cute? 19 Reasons Corgis Are the Cutest Dogs,” their tiny bodies, large eyes, and soft coats are captivating! 

This pooch is known for having expressive facial features. And, have you seen those big ol’ ears?! Compared to their teeny bodies, these unique ears are hard to miss. The shape of their ears allows them to track and protect themselves from threats. 

If you are a lover of Corgis and looking for a community, MyFavCorgi is a place for Corgi fans and parents to unite! 

The History of Corgis 

Did you know that the exact Corgi breed origin is unknown?  According to “History of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi,”  this Welsh herding dog served farms well. These pups were able to differentiate the scent of their own stock and confines of their property. How impressive! 

The Pembroke Corgi became recognized by the Kennel Club in the late 1920s. Two ladies would bring dogs from Wales to England which popularized this breed! For a thorough and riveting recap of this breed’s history, check out the aforementioned article. 

The Corgi Personality 

Corgis have a lot of energy packed into their small little frames! This means that they will need proper exercise to keep them well behaved. If not properly trained, these strong-willed dogs will take it upon themselves to form their own habits! 

“If they aren’t given proper dog training, they will train you” (Corgi Personality & Temperament). It is wise for Corgi owners to assert their parental authority role while still allowing these pups to maintain a certain level of independence. 

Corgis can be easy to train due to their intelligence, but their independence may demand some extra patience. It is important that Corgis are properly socialized at a young age with other animals to ensure they do not act maliciously toward other floofs. With effective training, though, they can be great pet siblings. 

The Corgi Lifestyle 

If you are wondering if a Corgi is the right furry friend for you, there are some things to keep in mind. Firstly, these doggos need activity, so they may be best suited for an active owner. It is important these pups get their fair share of walks and attention daily. 

These pups are also predisposed to separation anxiety, so they do not do well being left alone for a long period of time. If you are someone who will be away from home for long periods at time, this is not the breed for you. 

These herders may get anxious if your family is dispersed throughout the house. So, “they will  try to move you all to a central place in the home where they can keep track of everyone in their “flock”’ (Corgi Personality & Temperament)

Corgis may not be compatible with young children. Their dominant personality may cause them to try to nip at kids, and they are unlikely to enjoy the chaotic energy of a child. If you have or will have youngins, this may not be the breed for you. 

One last consideration for potential Corgi parents is their bark. This breed is known for being yippee lively barkers. It is important to be a vigilant trainer to dissuade barking. Since these dogs are known for their meticulous attention and protective instincts, these dogs may not do well in a rowdy city or apartment. 

Notable Corgi Owners 

When I think of Corgis, I tend to think of the British Monarchy. Queen Elizabeth II “had a long-standing affection for Corgis,” and was gifted her first one at the age of seven from her father. 

Did you know The Queen’s beloved Corgi was featured in the opening video for the 2012 London Olympics? I found this to be quite the fun fact! The queen even oversaw breeding initiatives at Windsor Castle. 

Other fun Corgi parents include Steven King who shared social media stories of his thieving pup! Steven King shared stories of her “snack theft and soccer ball destruction.” Some of his books even feature Corgis as well. 

Lastly, did you know that a Corgi named Rufus was the first mascot?! Rufus was the four-legged child of one of the first engineers and would frequent the office. His legacy lives on as Amazon has a dog inclusive culture! 

For more information on these famous Corgis and their parents, I suggest checking out "Some Famous Corgis And Renowned Corgi Owners in History."

In Closing…

Whether you are a Corgi super fan or new to the hype, it is easy to see why these dogs have become iconic symbols. Their adorableness, strong personality, history, and famousness are only some of the reasons this breed has a huge fan base. I don’t know about you, but I might just be the newest Corgi superfan! 

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