Fun Stocking Stuffers for Pet Lovers

Fun Stocking Stuffers for Pet Lovers

The gift-giving season is right around the corner! Shopping for presents can be stressful – there are so many ideas and stores to choose from. Do you have a pet lover in your life? Do you have a furry friend you want to spoil? Are you unsure of what to get them? Well, look no further! Show your love to your pet or pet lover with some fun stocking stuffers for pet lovers. 

1. Decorations: For a Decorative Dog Person

First thing’s first – does the four-legged friend in question have a stocking? If not, this is a great place to start. This can be a great place to store your gifts rather than trying to wrap or bag them (especially if oddly shaped). For a new pet parent, check out commemorative ornaments, snow globes, or festive figurines to celebrate a new family addition. Check out websites like Etsy to find cute customizable decorations from small brands! 
Black dog with holiday toy

2. Accessories: For a Stylish Furry Friend

Want something simple and fun? A stylish accessory can be a great way to add some fun expression to a dog or a cat. For something simple, check out a new bandana, collar, or leash to add some variety. 

Is there a cold weather floof in your life? Consider getting them booties, especially if they frequently walk in ice or snow. Similarly, a new sweater can make a great addition. For cats and dogs alike – especially if they have the tendency to get cold – a sweater can be a cute way to warm them up. Holiday-themed attire can be a great way to get your furry friend into the festive spirit. 

3. Mini Pet Hair Detailer: For A Tidy Pet Home

Do you have someone in your life struggling to keep up with their furry friend’s shedding? Is this person you? Are you stressed to have friends and family visit your home full of pet hair? You need to check out the Mini Pet Hair Detailer

This is a great first step to conquering a hairy home. Especially during a time filled with visitors, it is important to keep up with your cleaning to avoid pet dander collecting around the house. You can use the Mini Pet Hair Detailer on furniture (my personal favorite – especially when entertaining), clothes, or bedding to get your home holiday ready. This is a clean and fun stocking stuffer for pet lovers. 

4. Treats: For a Foody Fluff

My favorite part of the holiday season is simple: All. That. Food. I am especially a fiend for dessert. The holidays usually involve foods that pique pets’ interests. If your furry friend will be around for your meals and food preparation, it might be a good idea to remind yourself of Holiday Human Foods Dogs Can & Can’t Eat

Want to treat your furry friend to some indulgence like your beloved desserts? Now might be a great time to try  new (even festive!) treats. It is important to note: if you are buying for another pet owner, it might be worth  double checking if their pet has any allergies or intolerances. Feeling adventurous? If you are the cheffy-type, try your hand at homemade pet treats! This can be a simple DIY to spark some four-legged friend joy!

5. Fun Toys: For a Lively Pet

Do you have an active dog in your life? Consider getting them outdoor toys, like new balls or a Chuck-It. Not only will this be fun for your furry friend, but playing will also help get out their energy (maybe even helping them calm down in the holiday chaos of visitors!). 

For an extra smart furry friend, check out a pet puzzle! Pet puzzles can be never ending fun and a stimulating challenge for cats and dogs. I know my family loves to watch our dog find treats hidden in her puzzle. 

6. Waste Bags: For a Practical Owner

If you need something practical, let’s not forget waste bags. For an environmentally savvy pet owner, check out biodegradable/compostable bags that can reduce plastic waste. This is a super functional gift that they will thank you for! 

So, now that you have these ideas, you can brighten your favorite pet or pet lover’s holiday season based on their needs. Shopping can be tough, but adding some excitement to a pet lover’s life doesn’t have to be! 

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