How to Get Pet Hair out of Your Car with Lilly Brush

How to Get Pet Hair out of Your Car with Lilly Brush

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The holiday season is upon us! It is time for company to come to town and for everyone to pile into the car. Your special company in their festive attire deserves a clean vehicle to transport them and their belongings – as do you!
Like most pet owners though, your seats and trunk have maybe seen better days. Bogged down by pet hair? Intimidated by cleaning up your car’s interior yourself? Don’t be. Here’s how to get pet hair out of your car with Lilly Brush.
Lilly Brush pet hair removers

Remove fur that vacuums can’t with the Mighty

Starting off, cleaning your carpeted car mats has never been easier! With a 52 inch steel handle, the Mighty Pet Hair Detailer is super functional. Clean up your trunk speedily and comfortably with its long dueling rubber blades. The clean doesn’t stop there though: you can use this on any type of carpet in your home too! 

Quickly clean up with the Mini

Check out that speed! The Mini Pet Hair Detailer is 10 times faster than vacuuming alone. It is so easy to remove stubborn embedded fur from years of travel. Keep one of these in your car for on-the-go cleanups. After quickly getting hair out of your seats or trunk, you can even use it on your clothes to de-hair yourself! Lilly Brush Mini Pet Hair Detailer removes fur trapped in fabrics

Deep Clean with the Pro Kit

Hard to reach places filled with fur getting you down? The magnitude of pet hair in your car can negatively impact your health due to all that dander. This is especially the case if you or your passengers have asthma or allergies. For the cracks and crevices where years of build-up may be hiding, try out the Pro Pet Hair Tool Kit

With the same blade as the lovely Mini, this kit comes with an even longer bladed brush. With a comfortable grip and ergonomic design, you can cover a lot of ground without breaking a sweat. Look at how easily it glides! 

As you can see in the video, the second half of this kit can reach where your hands can’t! Next to your doors and in between your seats may seem impossible to tidy, but not with this brush! 

So, as you plan out your car travels this season, making sure your interior is spick and span has never been easier. By using Lilly Brushes, you and your vehicle are making a statement, and a positive one at that. I must warn you though: these products may cause your vehicle historically inundated with fur to become unrecognizable! Is there any better gift to yourself than returning your car to its pristine, like-new condition? Lilly Brush Pro Pet Hair Tool Kit cleans up pet hair in tight corners

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