Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers

Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers

Do you have someone in your life who is a certified cat lover? What about a new/prospective cat parent? If you are looking for cat-spired gifts, look no further! Here are some cat themed gifts and functional feline presents for the kitty lovers in your life. 

Cat Themed Gifts  

If you are looking for a human gift with a feline-flair, I suggest checking out Etsy. Here you can find customized gifts from small business owners at any price point! Check out some of my favs down below straight from the Etsy website. 

Stay cozy with this Custom Embroidered Pet Sweatshirt

How cute is this! Whether you want to order a hoodie, crewneck, or t-shirt, this shop has a ton of style and color options. If you have someone in your life who really loves their furry friend, this is the gift for them. I know I will be keeping this one in mind for some upcoming birthdays! 

For the Candle Cat Lover: Cute Kitten Candle Holder

For some fun home decor, this candle holder provides a warm essence to your space, and your heart. This handmade item sets the mood with an adorable and subtil feline feature. 

For the Entryway: A Cat Doormat

 For those with feline family members looking to make a statement, this adorable doormat states “hope you like cats!” This shop also sells a fun “Hi/Bye” mat with cats facing different directions depending on which way your guest is facing. 

For the Feline  

Here are some more cat-centric gift ideas that can be admired by the human in question! 

Whether you have a new feline parent in your life or are looking to give something to your crazy cat friend, look no further. 

For a New Kitten 

If there is a new kitten in your life, here are some sweet ways to spoil them! Help them cozy up with a new bed. This will help the feline have their own dedicated space they feel comfortable and safe. 

Especially if this new cat may spend time outside, it is a great idea to get an adjustable collar. This way, the new furry friend can get accustomed to wearing a collar from any early age. If this new cat’s human wants them to be an adventure cat, consider getting them a funky cat backpack

For the Concerned Cat Parent: A Pet Camera 

If you know someone that can be a bit of a helicopter parent to their feline, get them something that will give them some peace of mind. Pet cameras have risen in popularity in recent years. Check out The Best Pet Cameras for 2024 for more information. 

A Functional Gift: Litter Box

A litter box can make a great gift for a new pet parent or for those looking to make an upgrade. It is astounding the recent development of litter box technology! Have you seen self-cleaning litter boxes? If you are looking to spoil a feline and their pet parent – look no further. Check out The 7 Best Automatic Litter Boxes of 2024

For an even more functional litter box, check out the world of hidden litter boxes. Whether you want a usable console, decorative furniture, or a plant to double as a litter box, there are so many amazing options out there! 

If you have a handyman flair, you can even DIY a hidden litter box – here are 5 Hidden Litter Box Ideas That Will Save You Space (and How to DIY Them). I know this is a project my dad would go crazy for! 

For those that are crafty looking to DIY a gift, check out Create Pet-Focused Do It Yourself (DIY) Projects. Here you’ll find DIYs for pet beds, simple feather cat toys, window cat perch, and homemade cat treats. 

In Closing… 

If you are gift shopping for a cat lover in your life, the sky’s the limit for gifts for them or their cat! Cats are fun adorable creatures that deserve to be celebrated, and for feline fiends like me, you really can’t go wrong with a cat-themed gift. 

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