How to Be A Minimalist Pet Owner

How to Be A Minimalist Pet Owner

At the start of every new year as I assess how I can better organize myself for the months ahead, the same thought always comes to mind: getting rid of stuff

Now, I have a feeling you know just what I mean. When was the last time you looked around your garage and thought “what IS all of this stuff? Why do I still have this?” (I know I had this very thought today!) 

It can be so hard though, to commit to purging. It is so overwhelming to assess your space and decide what stays and what goes. So… what if we just bought less from the start? Buying less will mean less to organize and ultimately get rid of. 

What Does Minimalism Mean? 

In recent years, minimalism has become a buzzword for many, admittedly myself included! I know I can enjoy my space so much more when there is less clutter to distract and disrupt me. A quick google search yields innumerable responses to the prompt “definition of minimalism lifestyle.” 

For me personally, I like to think of it as living more with less. When there is less junk and clutter around me, especially in my home, I can spend more time enjoying myself and focusing on what matters to me. 

Now, this is much easier said than done. It’s important to start simple! An area of your life you may have yet to consider: your pets! Assessing what/where/why you have pet related items can be a great start to organization and living more with less. 

Becoming a Minimalist Pet Ownerbest-interactive-dog-toys

Focus on what you need and have. Do away with what you don’t. 

Much like we go through our closet, consider going through your pet’s belongings. Are you and your furry friend holding on to a toy that is just a little too torn up? Do you have collars that no longer fit or leashes you’ve replaced? Maybe there are some things you and your floof don’t need anymore. 

Much like we do with our own belongings, it can be a great idea to separate the purged items into two categories: trash and donate. For well-loved items, it might be time to toss them. For your more gently lived-in pet supplies, see if there are any shelters near you that take donations! These supplies can be put to great use for to-be-adopted cats and dogs. 

Assess what you do need and don’t already have. 

Here is how you can be more intentional about what you do end up owning as to avoid the aforementioned stress of “getting rid of.” When you assess something you and your pet need, make sure you take some time deciding between the plethora of options. Not all products are created equal! 

Cheaping out on doggie waste bags may not work out in your favor. Rather than buying several products and facing trial and error, see if there is any research or reviews to inform your purchase. 

Another great way to save money and space is to buy multifaceted items

My fur babies are shedders – it is so overwhelming to decide how to keep clean when you have pets! Lucky for me, I have found a few simple products I can put to good use just about anywhere from my car to my couch to my clothes! 

Let me introduce you to the Mini Pet Hair Detailer:

With a few easy swipes, I can collect stubborn and stuck fur full of dander. For on the go, consider establishing a grab bag for your pup complete with baggies, a leash, a collapsible water bowl, and that Mini Detailer. With your Mini Pet Hair Detailer, you can easily remove hair stuck in the carpet of your car or your favorite furniture. 

In addition to focusing on owning less, I try to focus on reducing my waist. I always manage to find fur lingering on my clothes, especially on my way to work. I’ve historically kept a lint brush in my car and around my house, but I found myself annoyed by the trash it produced and the frequency of buying a replacement. 

Thanks to Save Our Sweaters

I can save money, reduce clutter, and lighten my trash can. My favorite part of this product is that I can use it on my favorite nice pieces of clothing like my cashmere sweaters or silk scarfs without worrying about damaging them. This product is great to grab fur, remove pills, and make my clothes look good as new!

Don’t skimp out on organization! 

Once you and your pet narrow your belongings to the useful, important, and meaningful ones, it’s good to assess how you organize. Much like you may have an organizational system for your closet or bathroom, consider what can best suit you and your pet’s needs. 

If your living room is filled with toys, consider using a basket to store these items. This can make quick cleanup by having a centralized space for your furry friend’s goods. For leashes or on the go items, consider setting up hooks or shelves near the door. This way you can easily grab them on your way out! For your car, keep a Mini Pet Hair Detailer in your center console or for an advanced car clean, consider keeping the Pro Pet Hair Toolkit  in your trunk. 

In Summary

Getting your spaces organized isn’t something that happens overnight. But, getting your pet’s belongings in line can be a great place to start. Giving gifts to your four-legged friends can be such a joy. So, the next time you want to spoil yourself and your pooch, make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck. And as 2023 begins maybe give it a try – living more with less. 

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