How to Reduce Water Consumption

How to Reduce Water Consumption

Reducing Your Daily Water Consumption

A refreshing drink, a relaxing shower, a fresh load of laundry, a set of clean dishes; what do all of these simple luxuries have in common? Water. We use water to cook, clean, and cool. 

But water isn’t free – to us or the planet. By learning how to reduce our consumption of water on a daily basis, we can easily save money for ourselves and reduce the impact to the planet. Here are some simple and easy ways to reduce your water consumption. 

Start simple…

Pay attention to your water waste

If you have uncontaminated water that is headed down the drain, say, from an old glass of water, consider watering your plants with it instead or using it to clean kitchen counters. 

Reduce your shower time

Even if just by a few minutes. This can have a great impact over time, especially if you shower every day. Additionally, taking a bath – depending on the size of your tub and how high you fill it – may lead to less water waste than showering. 

Water your lawn in the morning

The cool morning air will evaporate less water than the midday sun. This can also benefit your lawn by reducing the stress on it by keeping it cooler throughout the day. Also, it might be helpful to deep-soak your lawn by watering it more than the usual light sprinkle to ensure the water reaches the roots which can reduce your frequency of watering.Man watering lawn in the morning in chair. Green grass growing.

Turn that faucet off!

Rather than leave the water running while you wash produce or dishes in the sink, consider cleaning them by dunking them into water in bowls or your clean sink. Try turning the tap off while you brush your teeth or shave as well.

For an even greater impact…

Consider water saving devices or appliances

This may include a more eco friendly dishwasher, toilet, washing machine, or water saving shower head. The next time you’re looking to replace one of these items, consider researching the most effective yet least wasteful options.

Ensure you have no leaks

Drip, drip, drip. Not only can little faucet leaks be annoying, but they can also add up over time. These leaks are usually happening nonstop, so work on reducing any drippage. Take some time to ensure you have no leaky pipes as well.

Take a look at your lawn

Is it all grass? Is there opportunity to plant drought resistant greenery instead? Additionally, putting some mulch around your trees and plants can slow the evaporation which means less watering required.Rock garden sustainable landscape.

Evaluate the food you are consuming

Now, this may not be so simple and may not directly impact your water consumption on a daily basis, but there is a potential for lasting impact. Eating less animal products generally means less water consumption as it relates to your food. Check out this neat statista chart to see just “how thirsty” your food is. 

No matter the size of your home or family, these tips can help you decrease your water consumption making your wallet and the planet a little bit happier. With more awareness of our most important resource, we can make a big difference for ourselves and others. 

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