Why do Dogs Shed During Certain Seasons?

Why do Dogs Shed During Certain Seasons?

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Autumn is upon us, and if you are anything like me, you are ready for some cool days after a warm summer. The leaves are falling from the trees and you may soon find more hair falling from your dog’s coat. So, why do dogs shed during certain seasons and how can we be prepared for it?

Who do Dogs Shed During Certain Seasons?

In anticipation for the colder months, your furry friend sheds their light summer coat and starts growing a thicker winter coat. This generally happens between September and November. Dogs are likely to shed more if they have an undercoat. Here are some more tips for groom a dog with a double-coat. After putting their winter coat to good use keeping warm, springtime brings yet another big shedding season. To get that lighter warm-weather coat back, dogs shed a ton through the spring months.

Other factors that contribute to your dog’s shedding are age, health, and environment. For example, if your pup spends more time outside, their shedding will be closer to seasonal shifts. This is due to hormonal changes when the days get shorter and there is less sunlight. 

You can expect your furry friend to experience year-round shedding in addition to the seasonal cycle. Another shedding commonality is when your tail-wagger grows out of their soft and cuddly puppy coat. This cuddly coat turns into a thicker and rougher adult coat. Dogs may roll around more to rub off some of their dead hairs. 

Brushing your Dog Helps with Shedding

To help your dog through their shedding cycle, establishing a brushing and bathing routine can help reduce the annoyance and mess of their hair loss for you and also increase their daily comfortability. Start brushing your pup when they’re young so will already be comfortable with it when they’re older. We also recommend bringing your dog to the groomer for proper health and hygiene.  

Want a Fur-Free Home?

The joy our four-legged friends bring us far outweighs some pesky hairs, but there are ways to help reduce the presence of dog hair in your life, your home, your car, and your clothes. Lilly Brush has all the best tools of living furlessly. Whether you have annoying hairs stuck in your car carpets or fluffy clumps floating around your living room, Lilly Brush has the solution for you.Lilly Brush Mini Pet Hair Detailer cleaning up pet hair on blue couch

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