Prevent Damage from Pets in Your Home and Car

Prevent Damage from Pets in Your Home and Car

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As a first time cat mom, I have learned that our feline friends can provide so much love, entertainment, and, unfortunately, mess. Finn, my little orange Tabby is the most precious companion providing me cuddles and cuteness. In addition to his big heart, he has loads of energy and sharp nails. When it comes to our pets, they sure know how to damage our homes and vehicles. This can be a huge downside to pet parenting. So… what do we do? Here are a few ways to prevent damage from pets in your home and car

Prevent Damage from Pets in Your Home

Toys and Enrichment

A simple solution to prevent pet damage: toys! Ensuring your furry friends have enough to play with can help them get their energy out. For me, getting Finn a new sturdy scratching post was a game changer. Instead of turning to the furniture to dig his nails into, he uses the scratching post and loves it.

Furniture Covers

If your furniture’s maintenance is of concern, there are amazing stylish furniture coverings. This can make managing shedding seasons easier as to not get pet hair caked into your cushions. Washable coverings make for quick clean up from any dander or dirt your pet may be carrying.Man and dog celebrating on couch - prevent damage from petsMan and dog celebrating on couch

Focus on Behavior

To avoid damage to your home, pay attention to your pet’s behavior. Are they getting enough exercise? Are they acting out when left at home for long periods of time? Implementing training techniques can help to dissuade your pet from certain bad behaviors.

Prevent Damage from Pets in Your Car

It is important to keep up with car care, including its interior (ya know, for sanity purposes). Taking your furry friend out into the world can bring great joy, but how can damage be prevented?


Like furniture covers, a cover can be a great way to prevent your pet’s nails from damaging seats. This can also help reduce the amount of hair in your car. To prevent damage from pets in your car, invest in regular detailing services for a professional deep clean.

Grooming and Pet Care

Another easy way to prevent damage is to keep up with your pet’s care. Regular grooming and brushing reduces shedding. Nail trimming can do the same. It’s recommended to trim your cat’s nails every two to three weeks or three to four weeks for your dog. This prevents damage and is important for their health and comfort.

Keep Up With Cleaning

Unfortunately, some impact to your home and vehicle is unavoidable. Especially if you have a pet that sheds, care for your space may be more reactive than preventative. Not to fear, though; cleaning can be easy, convenient, and quick. 

To learn more about keeping your car clean, check out How to Get Pet Hair Out of Your Car. For your home, check out the Mini Pet Hair Detailer. I love using this product anywhere my cat frequents to remove trapped and stubborn hair. If you have a long-haired floof, the Fluffy Pet Brush cleans up that annoying fur that clings to furniture by static. For hard to clean rugs and carpets, the Mighty Pet Hair Detailer is awesome to get the hair your vacuum can’t. Lilly Brush Mini Pet Hair Detailer removing pet hair from couch - prevent damage from petsMini Pet Hair Detailer Lilly Brush cleaning couch remove pet hair

Concern for our spaces shouldn’t stop us from enjoying time with our pets. A few small changes prevent damage from pets in our homes and cars.

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