How to get Pet Hair out of Your Car

How to get Pet Hair out of Your Car

Dogs love car rides

“You wanna go for a ride?” Few things excite my dog more than these words. If your pup is anything like mine, going for a ride is one of the most exciting experiences. Dogs get great joy from car rides, especially when exposed to fresh air with the windows down. Taking our pets for a ride is easy, but shedding isn’t. Here is the ultimate guide on how to get pet hair out of your car.

No one wants pet hair in their car

Loading up our pets into our vehicle unfortunately can have some negative side effects, though. Most obviously: All. That. Hair. Especially with a carpeted interior, your furry friend can leave quite the mess. Your car is a confined area, and even with that A.C. on or the windows down, your car’s interior ecosystem can easily feel quite stuffy and dirty. 

In order to combat lingering pesky pet hairs in our vehicles, it is important to establish an easy and attainable cleaning routine. This could mean covering the surfaces your pets occupy, getting your car detailed, or removing the hair yourself.

Option 1: Cover the car interior

To keep hair from getting on your car interior, a barrier between your pet and your vehicle’s surface can be a good call. Throwing down a blanket or pet mat can be quick, easy, and accessible. This is a great way to prevent a majority of the hair from getting on the targeted surface. This can also help preserve your car’s interior from wear and tear from your pet’s nails. When the windows are down, though, this loose pet hair will likely fly around and cling to other exposed surfaces. A pet hammock or blanket can help consolidate that hair, but eventually you will need to clean that off. Similarly, you may also track pet hair into your vehicle from your clothing or shoes. So, removing pet hair from your interior may be inevitable even with a covering.  

Option 2: Professional auto detailer

Getting your vehicle detailed can provide the deepest and most thorough cleaning. It may be ideal to get your car detailed on a set schedule. This could mean once a year to once every few months. It is suggested to get your car detailed 2-3 times a year according to the experts. Car details can make your car feel like new! This deep cleaning targets issues beyond removing loose pet hair which can especially help with odors. Unfortunately, though, this can be pretty pricey. This also doesn’t help if your car gets quite messy in between detailings. 

Option 3: Cleanup pet hair with Lilly Brush

Lastly, you can do it yourself. Now, removing layers of pet hair from your car can sound incredibly daunting and time consuming. This does not have to be the case, though! For quick, easy, and on the go, the Mini Pet Hair Detailer can be your saving grace. The Mini’s powerful cleaning blade removes stubborn trapped pet hair. This professional detailer’s top choice can be used on car mats, headliners, cargo areas, and seats without causing any damage. Husky and another dog in the back of a car with shedding and pet hair everywhere. Using the Lilly Brush Mini Pet Hair Detailer to clean up the pet hair.

Even if you frequent car detailing, cleaning up in between details can help reduce the annoyance and allergies your pet’s hair can cause. If you are looking to take on car cleaning independently, the Pro Pet Hair Tool Kit is for you! You can detail like a pro quicker and easier than vacuuming alone. When used with a vacuum, you may not recognize your car’s spotless interior if you’ve grown accustomed to your pet’s hair ruling your space. Effortless and quick clean ups after trips to the park have never been easier. 

So, the next time you load up your furry friend, I invite you to think about your car-cleaning routine. Deciding to tackle the mess your pet’s hair has made in your vehicle doesn’t have to be stressful. It’s important we treat our four-legged friends, but it’s also important we treat ourselves. Giving ourselves the gift of a hair-free car doesn’t have to be a hassle. Let’s get to making our pups – and ourselves – happy. The next time you grab the leash and your car keys, consider reaching for a Lilly Brush too.

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