Raising Your Babies - Human and Puppies - Together

Raising Your Babies - Human and Puppies - Together

Puppies and babies – there is nothing cuter! The ultimate cuteness: puppies and babies together.  

Childhood pets can bring such joy. There is nothing like the sibling bond between four-legged and two-legged children. Whether you have a human child and are looking to add a fur baby to the family or vice versa, there are some lifestyle and training considerations to take into account. 

So, if you want to learn more about adding a new family member safely and comfortably, this blog is for you! 

Adding a New Member to the Family

Whether human or animal, a new family member is a huge joyous change! Puppies and babies both require diligent attention and adaptation. A new schedule and less sleep is all but guaranteed. Now, the addition of a new human does not even compare to that of a pup – but both need your commitment and focus. 

So, what about if you have a furybaby and are about to have a “baby” baby? Well, there are some certain precautions you should take to prepare your family for a new addition. 

Firstly, assess the current state of your pet’s life – are they used to having all of your attention? Have they had little interaction with tiny humans? Are they territorial? These are just a few questions you may want to reflect upon. 

During the window of anticipation for the arrival of your new human, it may be best to provide some focused training to your furry friend. For starters, assess their current schedule. Does it align with the addition of a tiny human? A great place to start is to consider their meal and exercise time. 

How well do you think your current pet’s demeanor will align with a new baby? If they tend to be rowdy on the furniture, a bad listener, or disruptive, they might need a little extra help getting ready for the new family member! 

If your pet has had little interaction with children, it might serve you well to introduce your pet to people of various ages, sizes, and personalities to socialize them. This way, they can get used to the different stimuli that a new baby will bring. 


Training Your Pup for Your New Baby-filled Focus

One of the most important considerations is how your pup will react to you holding a baby. It might sound crazy, but it is a good idea to work on how your pet interacts with a “baby” in your arms. 

This can be achieved by pretending to hold a baby in a blanket, and act and speak how you would with a human in your arms. “Baby talk” is something us humans love to speak to puppies and babies. It might throw off your pet for you to speak and nestle a being that isn’t them. 

For instance, my family dog is super loyal and protective of my mother. She does not like when anyone hugs my mom, and she gets aggravated. This trait would make proximity to a baby very difficult! 

Make sure your pet is aware of any new boundaries. It is much easier to work with your pup pre-baby than trying to catch up on training and set new limits with a newborn in the mix. Not to fear – your pup will be ready for the thrilling newness of your family’s evolution. It might just take a little planning! 

A New Puppy in a Child-filled Household 

If you are looking to add a four-legged family member with youngins already in the mix, it is important to train your humans for a new floof. If your children are at an age where they will engage with the adoption and training of your four-legged friend, it can be great to prepare yourself and get everyone on the same page.

No matter the age of your family members, it is a great idea to discuss the kind of pet-family you want to be! Are floofs allowed on furniture? Who is responsible for feeding and playtime? Will everyone help with training? 

It is awesome if a new pet can be a family affair! You can come together to plan and adopt your new family member and everyone can pitch in on training. Make sure you do some research on child-friendly breeds, and if you can, introduce your potential pup to your different family members. 

Closing Remarks

Babies and puppies are two of the most enjoyable beings if you ask me! Cute, sweet, little newbies to the world learning to navigate their way and coming into their own personality – what’s not to love! 

Four-legged and two-legged children can coexist beautifully and provide mutual joy and love. There are just some circumstances to take into account. With a little bit of planning and training, your family can grow beautifully! 

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