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German Shepherd Shedding Management

If you have a German Shepherd, then you know that they require some serious shedding management. Shepards shed a ton, and pet owners recognize the importance of being able to successfully manage dog hair in your home. Keeping a home clean and free from your dog’s hair is nearly impossible, but there are steps you can take to help keep thing under control. Whether you live in an apartment complex, your own home or in a pet-friendly senior living facility, controlling your pet’s shedding is something that takes hard work and dedication!

Double Coat

German Shepherds have a double coat that helps defend them from infection, and keeps them warm in the winter. Seasonal shedding is something that all double-coat owners can relate to, but thats not the only time these gorgeous animals are leaving a trail behind them. Follow along below for some every day strategies to minimize shedding in your house!

Brush Every Day

Their plush double coat they have makes it very important to regularly brush your dog. You can make use of a de-shedder comb, or any of a variety of dog friendly brushes. Brushing your dog can be fun and therapeutic if you’re the type of person that enjoys cleaning. Add a few minutes of brushing to your daily routine to keep a handle on how much your dog is shedding around the house.

Feed High Quality Food

Just to be clear, feeding your German Shepherd with high quality food will not halt their shedding, but keeping their coat healthy will make things easier. Your dog’s diet is the first step towards improving dry skin and strengthening the immune system of your pet. Most of the cheaper dog food that you can buy contains unhealthy ingredients, which translates to an unhealthy coat. Some even contain strictly corn and grains. It may sound crazy, but you WILL notice a difference in your pet’s skin and coat healthy based on what you feed them!

Fresh Drinking Water

Dehydration may lead to dry skin and shedding. Always keep your pet’s water bowl full and clean to ensure they’re staying hydrated and healthy! If you think your pet is not drinking enough water, you can also consider adding foods to their diet that contain water! Not all dogs are interested in vegetables, but throwing a few slices of cucumber or watermelon your dog’s way as a treat can help keep them hydrated as well!

Add Flax-seed Oil or Olive Oil in Food

Omega-3 fatty acids can be very helpful as it improves the coat texture and also lessens dandruff. Aside from that, it can also help in improving inflamed skin. There are dietary supplements for pets that are available in capsules and you can buy them from pet stores around the country!

Caring for your pet is one thing that is perfectly worth doing. The amount of time you spend looking after them is also the amount of time that you are freeing yourself from stress and other worries.


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